Country change to see Xiaokang 丨 Ningxia Wuyuan County: rural tourism help villagers

Ecology is livable from Wuyuan County.

The propaganda department of the Wuyuan County Committee is in September. Mark Jun, the owner of the "Lao Ma Tea Pavilion" said. However, in five years ago, the teahouse in front of him was still a dirt. Two-headed cattle, more than 10 acres of land in 2016, Yangling Village, Wuyuan County, identified the development path of "being based on the development of rural tourism".

In 2017, Mark Jun used financial poverty alleviation loans to raise fat cattle; in 2018, he gave the 4 cows in the house to the park, handed over to the company’s feeding, and turned into the teahouse, dirty cowshed cowshed "Lao Ma Tea House ", Becoming a good place to drink tea. "The 4 cows in the family divided 4,000 yuan in one year, the spring tree planting is 10,000 yuan, plus the old companion of the zero-worker income of 6,000 yuan … A year earned 30,000 in the problem." Mark Jun has a pen income, eyebrows Happiness. Once, Yangling Village is a famous "problem village, let visit village, difficult to entangle the village", the village of village is shabby, the living environment is dirty, the infrastructure is behind, "" is "thought seriously." The villagers are mainly engaged in agricultural production. One year will only barely survive, and the grassroots organization is weak, and the life of the villagers is miserable. After a few years of development, Yangling Village is now replacing new look, more and more companies began building a 爱上海后花园龙凤论坛 breeding, rural tourism and contributing projects in Yangling Village. At the same time, more than 30 kilometers of tourism sightseeing avenue built in Yangling Village, Northern Northern Shiqi Expressway, Nanda Six-Puping Mountain, there is this avenue, tourists come to Yangling Village, you can walk to you can also visit you can travel. . Ji Yerci, who is not far from Yangling Village, has also relying on the development of rural tourism in the surrounding scenic spots in recent years, leading the people to vigorously develop rural tourism industries, attracting eight-party tourists, village per capita pure income increased from 1600 yuan in 2010 to 2020 More than 10,000 yuan, completely get rid of the past suffering.

"Our infrastructure, food quality, etiquette services are gradually improved every year. Now 上海湾区spa品茶 there are more than half of the farmers to operate farmhouse, and the tourism industry has become the pillar industry in Siye Village.

"Shengli, Shenglan, Queue, Yasha Village, 2020 years of tourism annual income reached 60.9 million yuan, receiving 2.20,000 tourists. In recent years, the development of tourism industry in Wuyuan County has been closely revolving around rural tourism construction, vigorously promotes" tour + " Editor: 梦 婕, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Do not change, no change, no taste (people’s forum)

  Building a hundred years of centuries and is also a hundred years of teaching history.

"Resolutely clear all factors 上海千花网mm that harm the party’s advanced nature and purity, remove all viruses that erodes the party’s healthy body, ensure that the party is not changed, not changed, and does not change the taste." At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping Stressed: Taking history, starting the future, it is necessary to continuously promote the new great project of the party’s construction.

Improve the second hundred years of struggle, we must constantly enhance the party’s self-purification, self-improvement, self-leather, self-improvement, and ensure that the party has always become a strong leadership in the history of the new era.

  The Communist Party of China has always adhered to the party to manage the party and strictly govern the party.

As early as 上海水磨一条龙 August 1926, the Communist Party of China issued the first document in the history of the party to punish corruption in resolutely cleaning corruption.

In 1927, under the severe situation in white horrible, the Central Operator’s Committee should be born and become the first central discipline inspection supervision body in the history of the party.

Going back to the 100-year struggle, because our party has built its own construction into a "a hard steel", in order to create the legend of "Red Army not afraid of the expectation" in the years of revolutionary war, we can draw a huge difficulties in the socialist construction period "the latest and most beautiful Drawing ", in order to break various development miracles in the history of writing human society in the reform and opening up age. Hundred Years, a hundred years of glory, when China has continuously achieved new development achievements, many people are in questioning: "Why can the CCP have been governing?" A international observers thought of inspiration: "In adverse, self-renewal, self-recovery, self-change The ability "" Self-update in an extremely active way "is undoubtedly an important answer. The so-called "winner is powerful, winner". Traced a hundred years, the Chinese Communist Party can be small to large, from weak stronger, and always maintain a stunning inner vitality and prosperous machine, the courage to carry out the self-revolution.

In the simultaneous self-revolution, our party will be able to live in a matter of danger. After mistaken, the mistakes will be turned over, become a Marxist party that will never fight, presolded. The blade is inward, why it is awake; scraping bones, extremely difficult. Why can the Communist Party of China be strictly govern the party and conduct self-revolution? The speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping gave the clearest answer: "The Chinese Communist Party always represents the fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people, and the people have a total of them, and there is no special interest, never represent any interest group, any power group, Any privileged level of interest.

"Because" selfless "is" fearless ", because" no me "is" no fear ", our party is in order to be the country’s interests, the people’s interests, there is no need to strengthen your body, and what is the self-revolution? Always adhere to the truth, Correct mistakes, dare to face the problem, overcome the shortcomings, be brave enough to scrape the tissue, go to the curved muscle, our party can always do not change, no change, no taste, have always become the whole country in the historical process of various risk challenges at home and abroad The main bones have always become the core of the strong leadership of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the past few hundred years, the Communist Party of China has handed over a superior answer to the people.

Now, the Communist Party of China leads the Chinese people to embark on the road to realize the new test of the second hundred years of struggle. Persevere to promote the great self-revolution of the party, promote the new great project of the party’s construction, we can take a new way of catching the exam, create a brilliance that belongs to us.

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Fuquan City launched "Volunteer Care · Caring" public welfare activities

On November 19, the Communist Youth League Fuman Municipal Committee organized a love company Fu Run Company to Fuquan City First Primary School, the second elementary school launched the "Volunteer Care · Caring" to donate charity activities, and sent "traffic safety protection learning bag", Creating a rich care of young people healthy growth atmosphere. The "Transportation Protection Learning Pack" donated by this event is 198 yuan, including traffic safety 上海上课喝茶群 school pack, safe travel anti-light police post a set, a box of color pencils, three primary and secondary school safety education manuals, science books with cartoon comics, etc. I like to help primary and secondary school students learn to protect self-help knowledge, further improve the safety and self-protection awareness of primary school students, so that children grow in joy, harmony, care, and healthy environments.

Li Zeying, a second class of the first primary school in Fuquan City, said: "Today, Uncle Aunt brings traffic safety protection spree, this heavy gift, give us unlimited warmth, we have to study, never Life, uncle, aunt, to our hopes. "In the event, the Communist Party of China also awarded the" Love Unit "honorary medal for Fu Run Company, expressed their gratitude to the love of love, social responsibility. Yu Quanjuan, deputy secretary of the party committee of Fu Run, said: "As a part of the society, our state-owned enterprises, in the development of the enterprise, it is also necessary to take social responsibility. Under the organization of the Municipal Committee, we dedicate the love learning bag, pass traffic Safety awareness, I hope to send our Fuze 长宁区419会所电话 and Moistur to every child or even every family.

"It is understood that this public welfare activity issued an initiative by the Communist Party of China, which is willing to give up the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and social groups, and the public welfare activities aimed at enhanced traffic safety awareness. Protecting youth safety travel, guiding young people to do traffic safety knowledge learners and communicators, learn to be grateful, inherit, and carry forward the spirit of good dedication, and constantly pass positive energy.

The Communist Youth League Fuquan said: "The next step, the Communist Party of China will increase the propaganda, call on more love companies and love people to participate in the event, helping students to establish the correct 上海海选油压会所 outlook on life, let them study, every day Up, becoming a qualified construction of strong rich new Fuquan’s backup power.

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Beautiful rural entanglement – Guizhou focus on building autonomous, rule of law, and morality "three governments" fused rural governance system

  "The environment is getting better, the quality of life is improved, and everyone’s days have become more comfortable.

"Talk to the village of the village, the villagers Liu Shouwen, 61-year-old, 61-year-old village, the 61-year-old," 摆 摆 不 ", the tea ridge in front of the Xixiu District, Anshun City. The village is flat, the village is in the village court. After the front house is clean, the wooden guardrail fence, the triangle genstructure is good, a beautiful village. Since April this year, Tea Ling Village has led, pioneer lead, the masses, and contest, A series of initiatives such as key rectification, vigorously implement the environmental remediation of human residence, improve the rural governance level, and realize the perfect transformation of the old appearance from the environmental dirty to the ecology.

  Guizhou will construct grassroots governance as a village revitalization, focus on building autonomous, rule of law, and morality ", rural governance system, continuously strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations, selection of high-level party organization cadres, and explore innovation grassroots Governance model, focus on improving rural governance levels and governance efficiency.

  Crack puzzle stimulates rural vitality into the Jingba Village, Xiaoli, Tangtou Town, Sinne County, a small building, a satellite, a swimming pool, a cultural square, a cultural promenade, and a solar street lamp. The green coverage of the whole village reached 80%, and the 150-seat boye pool allowed life sewage to achieve centralized treatment.

  Behind the change begins with the village governance.

The Qing Bar Dam Village is leaded by the party, and while grasping the development of rural areas, we will focus on the goal of "harmonious villages", and timely open village-level transaction decision-making and handling, and play the role of the village-level People’s Congress and the supervisor, forming self-management. Good village wind in self-education, self-service, self-supervision, harmonious development.

  "Tight Rustic Revitalization will increase, the next step, the Qing Bar Dam Village will continue to develop farming industry, processing industry and service industry, do a good job in garden green, village beautification project, create integrated integration, holiday, and agricultural experience in the integration New rural areas, let farmers get rich and wider. "The secretary of the party branch of Qing Bar Dam Village said.

  Rural revitalization, governance is effective. On October 29, the National Agricultural Rural Department announced the list of the second batch of national rural governance demonstration villages, and 32 villages and towns in Guizhou.

Wanglong Town, Kailishi City, Shimen Township, Weining Autonomous County, won the second batch of national rural governance demonstration towns, Kaiyang County Hefeng Township, Dawu Village, Dawu Village, Six Town, Xiuwu District 29 villages such as Chain Village, Old State Town were won the second batch of national rural governance demonstration villages.

The announcement of the demonstration villages is a template that can learn to learn from the country governance.

  At the same time, the province’s rural areas continued to consolidate expanding the effectiveness of rural resolution, and explored the practice of rural governance, summarizing successful experience, and stimulating rural vitality.

  Innovation initiatives to enhance the management efficiency "Village Treatment is the foundation of the villagers, through extensive propaganda, establish typical, everyone’s enthusiasm for participating in rural governance is much more active than before." Said that under the incentives and constraints of village regulations, Honghua Village has continuously improved in village rectification, village management, and industry development, and now has become a model of rural governance in the town. "Small Village" is shaking "Great Governance".

More and more rural governance is good, good practices are launched around Guizhou.

  Longxi Town, Yuqing County actively explored the digital path of rural governance, building a "digital Longxi" platform, providing the masses to view village information, understanding related policies, learning skills, anywhere.

  Through the convening of the hospital dam society, the villages "five old" (old cadres, old party members, old model, old teachers, and old), and strictly banned, "four clear two changes "13 big items of 31 small items are performed weekly evaluation," the "civilized health demonstration households" mobile Hongqi, posted "Yiju village creation civilized health demonstration households" glory card, motivate the masses to bring groups to group With the village, it is better than learning, promoting the construction of a harmonious rural civilization.

  In the main direction of the rural governance system and governance capacity, Guizhou has a practical exploration and innovation, bold practice, and has formed a batch of copied, promoted experience practices, exploring new roads for rural governance, providing new demonstrations. The party construction drives the rumor-resonant cornerstone grassroots party organization is the guarantee for the ordered advancement of rural governance. Chun’an County started from the grid partial organization management, explored the rural governance model of "Party Group + Nets], promoting the cultivation, standardization of village governance, standardization, and realizing the organic combination of party leaders and villagers. Small grid, microscale, high results "work pattern.

  Towns Town, Fenggang County, explored the rural governance model of the "Party Branch + Parliament + Village," to give full play to the role of the village-level party branch, the team-level party branch, the discipline and the village, and do everything. The management system, the contradiction can be adjusted, and the rural governance system of self-governing, rule of law, and morality "three governments" is constructed. The rural governance model of "People’s Heart Party Building + Organizing Committee" "People’s Heart Party Building + Original Regulations" "上海干磨工作室People’s Heart Party Building + Chunhui Society", let the governance process have mass participation, governance results by the masses Judging, the governance results allow the masses to share.

  Country governance, people’s security.

Guizhou continues to promote the construction of grassroots party organizations, and improve the party’s grassroots organization as the basis of leadership, 上海松江大学城约600 village self-government and village supervision organizations, collective economic organizations and farmers cooperation organizations, and other social organizations supplemented the village-level organizational system, perfect The modern rural governance system of the modern rural governance system of the village-level important matters, major issues discussions, the construction of sharing, and the development of the coincidences, the role of the modern rural governance system is gradually highlighted. (Reporter Huatai).


Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics ushered in countdown 100-day torch relay plan release

People’s Daily November 25 (Reporter Hu Xue Rong) November 24 November 24th, Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics countdown 100 days main activities in the National Swimming Center "Ice Cube", Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Wall Torch Relay Program Foreign release.

Cai Qi, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, President of the International Disabled Olympic Committee, delivered speeches in a video form. Director of the State Sports General Administration, Chairman of the China Olympic Committee, the Executive of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee Wang 上海水磨品茶 Zhengzu, Chairman of China Disabled Persons, Zhang Haidi, Executive President of Beijing Winter Olympics Committee. Caiqi has expressed his gratitude to everyone’s concern for Beijing Winter Paralympics. He pointed out that Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association is a major landmark activity in my country’s important historical nodes. Under the strong leadership of the Chinese government, we have fully implemented green, shared, open, integrity, adhere to two Olympic synchronous planning, synchronous implementation, fully integrate Winter Paralympic Works and Winter Olympics, and International Paralympics The committees of the committee work together to promote all the preparation tasks, and have achieved active progress, and the preparation of the Winter Paralympic Games has been fully ready. We cruze the opportunity 上海干磨场子 of Winter Adjury, take a series of effective measures, which greatly promotes the development of persons with disabilities, guiding the whole society to pay attention to persons with disabilities, fully guarantee the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, promoting inclusive social construction, and share more Happy and beautiful life. Parsons said that I am very happy to see the current progress and believe that the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee is ready to hold a wonderful event.

The International Disabled Committee is full of hope for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics. I look forward to more and more Chinese disabled people to participate in sports and participate in winter sports.

China has strong strength in the Summer Paralympics, and it is completely believed in the Winter Paralympics.

Parsons grateful to the Beijing Winter Olympics committee, the Chinese people, and the Chinese government, hoping to work together to work together to organize a superior Winter Disabled Olympics for our excellent winter disabilities! Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Volunteers recruited 2428 Chinese disabled people registration.

After strict interview and training procedures, 19 representative strong, professionalism, and dedicated disabled people stand out, and they are willing to become volunteers.

Their smallest 19 years old, the largest 63, will be assigned to the Winter Olympics and 18 competitions and non-competition venues to carry out volunteer services.

At the event site, Zhang Haidi gave a flag for disabled volunteers, and volunteers expect volunteers to reflect equal, integration, and inclusive lofty spirit through enthusiastic volunteers.


China’s economic toughness Yongheng: stubborn, unforgettable, 砥 砥

  Xinhuanet Beijing September 5th IT: China’s economic toughness | Yongheng: stubborn, unforgettable In the trouble, find a state suitable for yourself; Sichuan companies also have a toughness, which can break out in the situation, and the rise in adversity. Yongheng Technology Group is such a Sichuan enterprise with tennatural strength, toughness, unforgettable, and predicated. In 1995, only three or five entrepreneurship companies were established. In today’s more than 2,000 people, nearly 300 mu of companies, Yongheng focused on the furniture field for twenty-five years.

For twenty-five years, Yongheng’s CEO Liu Yi led the team to witness the rise of China’s economy, and in this, they have also experienced the bumps and hardships of internal affair, and the stimuli and temptation of other industry markets, but Sichuanese Sichuan companies have this toughness. In 1998, in 1998, the financial crisis of the 2008 financial crisis, Yongheng should make an opportunity, expand the battlefield, rush performance; facing the competitor’s price war, Yongheng Using quality and service, it is difficult to face; facing the rapid rise of the real estate, the Internet and other industries, Yongheng still keeps the initial heart, deep plowing in their own field. Perseverance is the spiritual toughness, although heavy can also be responsible; persistence is the firmness of the idea, there is a fascinating and not give up; persistence is the tenacity of life, and it is difficult to let.

It is such a toughness, so that Yongheng has become one of the three brands of China’s office furniture industry; it is so firm, so that Yongheng’s output value continues to grow in 25 years; it is such a tenacious, let Yonghao is not only a brand, but also Like a mental symbol. A few days ago, Yongheng Technology Group, Yongheng Industrial CEO Liu Yi received exclusive interviews from Xinhuanet, 上海外菜论坛 from Yongheng 25 years, telling the Chinese economy’s toughness and the tenacity of Chinese people. Yongheng Technology Group, Yongchen Industrial CEO Liu Yi is a guest Xinhuanet crisis, and it is "stubborn adherence to" Yongheng, which was established in 1995, was originally a special safe, file cabinet Entrepreneurial company. After 25 years of 铿铿, Yongheng is now nearly 2,000 people, serving 225 people 500 customers, and 403 customers in China, becoming the leader in the China office furniture industry. Huge success is not power but toughness. In the past 25 years, Yongheng’s performance has continued to grow, and the average annual growth rate is 30%. Yongheng, Yongheng, Yongheng, Yongheng has been in the country.

Liu Yi recalled that Yongheng has grown from zero to the past 25 years. In fact, there is no outsider, and during the period, there have 上海油压店重新开门 been many downtime, resistant to all kinds of internal and external, can develop, Yongheng It is persistent, perseverance, and stubborn persistence. In 1998, the financial crisis and 2008 financial turm have let many industries in the market have encountered an unprecedented impact, and the office furniture industry is no exception. Liu Yi said that there is a mourning in the industry, many companies feel bad, but we have always had a crisis awareness and think that there is an opportunity in the crisis.

From a macro point of view China’s economic development is certainly good momentum, the big trend will not change, but in a critical period of crisis, opportunities for the development of Wing Hang the contrary. During that time, businesses are saying that "business can not go on", so withdrawal of publicity, reduced advertising, shrinking the battlefield, 上海郊区品茶 trying to reduce risk.

Wing Hang but it should be powerful and moving at this time, everyone in the withdrawal of advertising time on advertising Wing Hang on, everyone in the field when the withdrawal of Wing Hang has expanded field, in fact, during that time, Wing Hang seemingly thin clouds wind light, also behind the actual carrying enormous pressure to perform. Liu Yi is a fairly good state of mind of CEO, but that time great pressure made him an instant white head. Fortunately, now looking back, twice crisis contrarian is the right choice, "stick with it is that we not only adhere to, but stubborn insistence, perhaps a lot of people see the problem, but the first time we think more of how to solve, perhaps I Gerry tenacity, but also the entire enterprise toughness.

"Adversity stick brand, relying on the" Common Sense course of the same early heart "for 25 years, not only has the financial crisis, foreign aggression financial turmoil this environment, there are internal problems at the expense of quality and price-cutting among peers such malicious competition.

  Liu Yi frankly, almost all of the business managers will encounter the same problem: want to brand, but could not help the temptation of interests, some companies in order to quickly shootout market, even thinking about "doing almost the quality, quantity will be leaps and bounds." was in the office furniture industry, Wing Hang encountered such competitors. During that time, Wing Hang the face of this "internal and external" pressure, "environment, market forces you to lower prices, the quality of sacrifice, sacrifice service.

"But Wing Hang therefore do not want to sacrifice quality for many years to establish a brand, the competition was" killed over "when their price is only 60%, followed by other colleagues also followed price cuts, but price cuts are inevitable cost of sacrificing quality and service "Wing Hang always find something affordable in some sense does not exist, Wumart, a price is not cheap, if enough inexpensive price, it often was not beautiful.

"While many companies have chosen to sacrifice quality and lower prices to seize the market when, Wing Hang has decided to stick to over the years to play down the brand in the face of adversity," service, quality must not drop. "First of all is the service, Wing Hang steel products field is the first to propose" free maintenance for life "of the enterprise, while many competitors reduce services, Wing Hang contrarian proposed addition to safes, file cabinets and other goods of this in vitro" All accessories also bear the maintenance free life. "Wing Hang time exceptionally clear, in fact, the service is a core point of sale or business, the importance of doing business is far greater than the so-called degree. Therefore, Wing Hang requires marketing services agency city , customer service personnel have arrived at solving user usage within four hours; even in case of only one person, even if the exhibition closed, come back and then finished repairs, but also the service in the first place.

  The second is the quality.

Wing Hang is the initial sales started, agents of other branded products, when it finds Wing Hang, product quality is the eternal characteristics.

So from 2002, Wing Hang completion of construction, the development has been made Moses three bases, two bases has basically realized the depth of integration of information technology and intelligence. The two chunks of quality and service will never change, Wing Hang believe that good product quality, good service, regardless of the market environment changes, no matter how competitors market competition, the market is not the ultimate ownership self-evident. Impetuous precipitation accumulation, relying on the "front lines temper faith," China’s rapid economic development has created opportunities for many emerging industries, but also to many traditional industries suffered shock and malaise. For 25 years, Wing Hang addition to actively cope with internal and external pressures, while continuing precipitation accumulated in this fickle market environment, with the share of temper beliefs forward, stick, stick, honesty and innovation. Liu Yi respect, from the beginning to now venture business to grow, and there have been expanded during the time. For 25 years, Wing Hang at an annual rate of two to three branch expansion in 2006, Wing Hang good momentum of development, the company decided to rapid development, a one-time expansion of the 11 branches, but soon the company found that such speed expansion will bring along a lot of "side effects", "so-called bite off more than you can chew, your service, your technology, your products, your management can not reach, for the time being not to do." Similarly, the 25-year Wing Hang there have been a loss of time, when the real estate industry blowout outbreak, then heard people say a lot of money to do real estate, also moved to make real estate mind.

At that time, employees have been confused, always feel that the market is not big enough to sell safe one day sold out how to do? After a brief impetuous, Wing Hang decided to sink in the heart come accumulation, Wing Hang it described as the expansion of industrial extension to the core business as the center into a circle from the dot, and constantly expand and eventually turn into a ball , in such a way to expand, to do business office, downtown ‘change’ in the office, in the last ten years through the operation, Wing Hang slowly started by hope, has become even more clear direction, has been insisting to now, will also continue.

  Over the past twenty-five years, Wing Hang’s market share has to do highest in the country, more than 100 patented technologies, in addition to nearly 300 acres, covering the three major manufacturing base for world-class intelligent automatic equipment in the industry, the country products Center with a total area greater than 12 square meters, but also has nearly 1,300 people in the industry excellent marketing team.

Before the next fifteen years, Wing Hang team will fully promote the brand strategy, standardization strategy and innovation-driven development strategy, Wing Hang believe the best of times in the current Chinese economy, Wing Hang all the brothers and sisters will continue to maintain the toughness, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, temper OK, do the Chinese office furniture first goal must be completed within fifty-five plan (2023), the first hundred years of Wing Hang and Wing Hang Wing Hang will also achieve great cause! +1.


Der International SPRACHWETBEWERB My Story of Chinese Hanzi "2021 Beginnt

[Zugangsvoraussetzungen]阿拉爱上海女生对对碰 -ürgerchinesischerAbstammungmüssendreiGenerationenoderlngerausgewandertsein; -InChinaarbeitendeAuslnder, dieundderenElternChinesischnichtalsMuttersprachehaben; -AlleAuslnder, derenMuttersprachenichtChinesischist [Wettbewerbsplan] Vorrunde:. 上海闵行哪里按摩店最多DieTeilnehmerbeantworten25Fragenonlineinnerhalbvon25Minutenundreichenein1-minütigesVideoein,: 上海品茶高端会所 JederTeilnehmersollein3-minütigesVideoeinreichen, ürdieAnzeigewerdeninderPeopleüü: DiedeneAuszeichnungenverliehen ..


2021 China International Mining Conference opened in Tianjin

  2021 China International Mining Conference opened at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of the 21st. Li Hongzhong, Minister of Natural Resources, and Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Liao Guoxun, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Ling Yueming, South African Ambassador to China Xie Shengwen. President of the China Mining Federation Peng Zhewu presided over the opening ceremony.

  When Liao Guoxun said, this session aims to build a global mineral exchange cooperation and industry chain association with innovative bridges, show technological innovation and application results. Under normalized epidemic prevention and control, the world mining economy will be promoted to the world’s mining economy. To an important boost.

Tianjin has a distinction advantage, strong industrial base, outstanding innovation ability, superior business environment. Let us take the opportunity of the General Assembly to build a new new pattern of mining in the era of the epidemic, and promote the development of mineral development and prosperity, and work together to open up fair, open, comprehensive and innovative mineral development.

  Ling Yueming said that at present, the world’s centuries have nothing to change the global epidemic intersection of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the uncertainty of global economic recovery has increased significantly, and international mining investment opportunities and challenges.

I hope that all parties parties will improve the global mining governance, promote international cooperation, respect trade policy rules, and maintain development order, and advocate green technology innovation, fulfill social responsibility, and work hard to create a steady, open inclusive, and future global mining.

  Xie Shengwen said that China’s mining field investment has developed rapidly around the world, and China International Mining Conference demonstrates the latest developments and trade results of mineral development worldwide. South Africa will further explore mineral resources, enhance technical capabilities, continue to improve investment environments, improve relevant policies, and hope to further strengthen cooperation in minerals in China, and join hands in the two peoples. After the opening ceremony, Lu Wei, Li Hongzhong, and Liao Guoxun jointly visited the exhibition of mining conferences, listening to the introduction of mining management, geological exploration, mining development, mineral product transactions, understanding the city’s country’s country, the city, the construction, and the utilization of ecological barrier construction and geothermal resources. And came to Argentina and other booths to deepen international mining cooperation in-depth exchange. On the evening of the 21st, the city held a welcome meeting in the guest house and said sincerely to the guests from all walks of life.

  2021 China International Mining Conference is organized by the Natural Resources Department, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government,上海千花论坛 hosted by the China Mining Federation, with "Multilateral Cooperation, for the Development and Prosperity of the End of the Event", will host 20 forums, attract 30 30 230 domestic and foreign exhibitors participating in the country and region participated in the exhibition. The General Assembly was held in combination with "online + line", the online "national promotion" activity, promoting 上海海选品茶微信 the resources potential, mining projects and mining policies, organizing the cooperation between China, through the cloud platform for the whole year Long-term operation show, improved, providing a 24/7 service for domestic and foreign mining communities. Zhong Natural, director of the China Geological Survey, Ambassador Argentina, Ambassador, Ambassador, Chile, Lisout, Mozambique, Mozambique, Maria Gustava, Namibia, Ambassador Elia, Elia, Elia Louis Karda, Peru, Louis Ksa, Tanzania, Ambassador to China, Merva Kaili, and Indonesia, China, international organization, domestic and foreign mining enterprises, and financial institutions, etc. attended the opening ceremony, the city leaders Sun Wenkui, Wang Meng Qingsong, secretary general of Asking Municipal Government.

(Wei Hi Mi Zhai in Spring).


Chen Yilong went to Guizhou Province Disabled Rehabilitation Agency to investigate and guide the prevention and control of epidemic situation

Recently, the situation of the prevention and control situation in Guizhou Province has been tightened. According to the provincial party committee, the provincial government’s epidemic prevention and control work is deployed, in order to prevent the prevention and control of the provincial disability, October 25, 27, Provincial Disabled Persons’ Association Chen Yilong took the team to the provincial disabled rehabilitation center, the provincial rehabilitation hospital to carry out work research, and guided the prevention and control of the epidemic.

On the morning of the 25th, the deputy director of Chen Yiqan came to the provincial disabled rehabilitation center to investigate, inspected the reception window epidemic registration, viewed the social service department, centers, and artificial cochlear training class, and training the family and rehabilitation of disabled children with disabilities The therapist conducted in-depth communication.

After the inspection, the symposium was held, listened to the prevention and control of the resolution center, the construction of professional technical team, and the recovery of disabled children. Chen Yilong pointed out: The current epidemic prevention and control work is more serious, and the rehabilitation center should attach 上海闵行发廊足浴 great importance to the prevention and control of epidemic, strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic, and ensure the safety of children. He asked, one is to strengthen ideological construction in the party branch of the Rehabilitation Center to effectively enhance the "four consciousness", and resolutely achieve "two maintenance", maintain highly consistent with the Party Central Committee, and strengthen the unity of leadership team, do things, and rules.

The second is to strengthen internal management, funding for a year, five years an audit, to introduce the introduction of staff, priority, strictly control the dispute, in the construction of infrastructure, implement the Provincial Disabled Practice Party Group Overall deployment, insist on key guarantees, and smudge.

Third, 阿拉爱上海同城对对碰论坛 doing a good job in work, doing finely doing the epidemic prevention and control work, inspected the issue, rectifying in place, and the year-end target assessment is completed on time.

On the afternoon of the 27th, Chen Yi Long went to the provincial rehabilitation hospital to check the hospital clinic, laboratory, children’s rehabilitation, ICU, auxiliary assembly room.

Detailed to understand the exemption, facilities and equipment operation, rehabilitation project implementation, blind massage hall construction, and the construction of the hospital talent team, as well as the difficulties of the hospital’s current stage and the future development direction of the hospital.

Chen Yilong pointed out that the prevention and control of the epidemic must be the top priority of the current work, and the provincial rehabilitation hospital is a medical unit. It is also responsible and obligation to prevent epidemic prevention and control. Under the guidance of the local health department, Implement, refine prevention and control programs, enhance prevention and control awareness, implement prevention and control processes, and strengthen prevention and control, ensure hospital safety. He emphasized that under the leadership of the Party Committee of the Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation, under the support of the no medical attachment, the provincial rehabilitation hospital has made great progress over half a year, the results are worthy of affirmation, the employees are full, and the business is gradually launched. The idea is gradually clarified, and the overall development will develop in the direction. He asked, first, under the leadership of the Party Branch of the Rehabilitation Hospital, the staff must enhance the "four awareness" to achieve "two maintenance", build the hospital to become a discipline, the rules, and united medical teams. The various deployments of the provincial party committee, the provincial government and the provincial disabled party group have implemented in place.

Second, we must focus on unity, strong management, excellent service, all work should be from united, all work should be conducive to unity, to strengthen hospital management, administrative logistics personnel to integrate, strictly control the introduction of non-medical personnel, to put service quality In the first, strengthen job training, improve service capabilities, optimize service flow, and improve patient satisfaction, and drive the source of sources in high quality services.

Third, we must increase marketing efforts. To seize the favorable opportunity, pay attention to multi-channel multi-form propaganda, establish a good image of hospitals, and strive to establish medical profit, coordinate all parties, and promote the health and stable development of hospitals.

The fourth is to pay attention to the current work. In the inspection problem, it is necessary to pull out the list, take one by one, and fully rectify in place. In the project implementation, we must insist on the rules, there is a responsibility, and the protection project is completed on time, in the overall level, hospital The leadership team to overcome difficulties and strive to cross the difficulties as soon as possible.

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Government helps the leader gathering innovation to force Hunan Advanced Manufacturing High Quality Development

Original title: Hunan Advanced Manufacturing High Quality Development (Economic Focus) Core reading in recent years, surrounding the important advanced manufacturing highland of the country, Hunan fully grasps 22 emerging advantage industrial chain (group). At present, there are 22 national-level single-champion enterprises and products in Hunan Province, and 232 specialty new "small giants" enterprises, and all kinds of elements resources accelerate in the manufacturing industry.

On October 25th, the world’s largest up-turning tower W12000-450 was located in the smart factory in the Zhonglian Heavy Tower machine in Changde, Hunan.

The product is the world’s largest spanning of the world’s largest span-use bridge-Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, the maximum lifting weight of 450 tons, which is equivalent to lifting at once. The height of 300 cars to 130 floors. On October 28th, 3 days, the world’s largest tonnage crawler cranes produced by Sany Heavy Industry Successfully delivered in Zhejiang.

This is one of the most technologically advanced technologies, the highest technology, the most advanced technology, the highest technology, the highest technology, the highest technology, the most technologically integrated product.

Behind the big guards, it is the rapid development of Hunan Advanced Manufacturing Industry.

At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced 25 national-level advanced manufacturing clusters, Changsha Construction Machinery, Zhuzhou Rail Transit Equipment two major clusters.

In the first half of this year, Changsha Construction Machinery Industry Cluster was 100 million 松江同乐网首页 yuan, a year-on-year increase.

The company has developed to more than 400 companies, from January to July this year, increased by the cluster value.

In recent years, around the national importance of the country, Hunan is fully equipped with 22 manufacturing industrial chain (group), surrounding the industry chain to improve the value chain, deploying innovative chains, improving the chain, 上海新区桑拿会所 and various elements resources to the manufacturing area. Surge.

At present, there are 22 national single-champion enterprises and products in Hunan Province, and 2,32 "small giants" enterprises.

Strengthening technology research and development, the new industrial chain is in the Xiangjiang New District National Intelligent Net Cars (Changsha) Test Area, the automatic driving electric car is driven, and the reporter takes up, start, turns, brakes, and the L3 level intelligent driving is very smooth.

"The area of ??more than 1,000 acres of closed test parks, the enterprise test has been ranked at the end of this year." Xie Guofeng, chairman of Xiangjiang Intelligent Company.

The smart network car is a future industry in Changsha and even the Hunan advance planning layout. Changsha actively built a variety of application scenarios in accordance with the "Car Road Yun Network Integration" architecture, completed 100 square kilometers of intelligent network open roads, 100 kilometers smart highways, kilometers of smart bus demonstration line construction. Changsha accelerates the integration of intelligent networks and smart transportation, and transforms the first advantage into industrial advantages, attracting more than 20 industry leaders, more than 340 supporting enterprises to settled, and construct a smart network car industry ecological cluster. In the provision of advanced manufacturing highland journey, Hunan is consolidated to consolidate the traditional advantage industry. On the other hand, the construction of construction machinery, advanced rail transportation equipment, information technology application innovation, advanced ceramic materials, carbon-based materials, new energy and intelligent networks , 22 emerging advantageous industrial chain (groups) such as artificial intelligence and sensors, as the focus of promoting high quality development in manufacturing industry.

The reporter learned that around 22 industrial chain (group), Hunan integrates the province’s scientific and technological advantages, layout a number of key scientific and technological research projects, support the difficulties of cracking industry, and implemented "Top Ten Technology Research Projects" and major science and technology projects.

At present, a number of key technologies such as high-speed magnetic transportation system, iron construction heavy work main bearing and underground engineering equipment are achieved.

In addition, Hunan also implemented 128 product innovation, research and development of a number of core basic components such as engineering machinery, high-doped waste glass circular utilization, high-speed high-precision intelligent multi-line A batch of industrial base technologies such as cutting, "a cloud multi-core" cloud desktop and other industrial base software. Establishing "Enterprise Chain Lengthen", promoting cluster development in the production workshop of Zhonglian, Zhonglian, Changsha, Changsha, is a busy scene. The high-altitude operation machinery equipment produced by the company applies modern sensing technology, Internet of Things technology, and the "brain", which can be installed, and can realize intelligent fault alarm diagnosis and provide security warning. Zoomlion is the leading enterprise of Hunan Construction Machinery Industry Chain, there are more than 400 supporting enterprises in Hunan surrounded the Zoomlion.

In order to realize the benign interaction and breakthrough development of the industrial chain, Zoomlion jointly upstream and downstream enterprises do a good job in technical research.

Such industrial chain is coming from the "Enterprise Chain Length" system established by Hunan.

In recent years, in recent years, some industrial leaders in Hunan Province have not only accelerated their own innovation, but also drive industry chain related companies. On August 21st, in the construction of Beijing East Six Ring Reconstruction Project, the "Jinghua" shield machine, which has been developed by iron construction, has successfully traveled the first level of risk, the first battle.

Among them, the key core components of the "Jinghua" shield machine – the hard alloy shield cutter head, is the development of the iron construction heavy industry in the South University, and Hunan Bo Yun Oriental Powder Metallurgical Co., Ltd.. Three units surround the tools and rail milling cutters, the three units research and manufacture, and promote key materials and core components to achieve autonomous and domestication. Increase the strength of the bail, enhance the enterprise Qualified Changsha Manufacturing Enterprise Enterprise, has expanded fast in recent years, and there are many orders. At the beginning of this year, in the face of huge orders, corporate cash flows urgently.

After receiving the needs of corporate funds, Changsha Bank is less than 10 days to issue 10 million yuan of liquid loans. "Thanks to the government to include us in the ‘White List’, and the bank in the snow.

"General Manager Gong Jian said. The financing of manufacturing enterprises has long-term existence. In Hunan, through the establishment of" White List ", guide financial institutions to implement differentiated credit policies, and manufacturing companies have obtained loans more than 100 billion yuan.

In addition, Hunan also created the "one chain" main bank mechanism to help companies solve the integrated pain point, more than 70 billion yuan of financing demand has been falling. In the first three quarters of this year, Hunan manufacturing loans added a new year, which is more than 100 million yuan.

In order to further strengthen the support of manufacturing enterprises, Hunan also developed the provincial leadership contact industrial cluster (industrial chain) to promote the construction of important national advanced manufacturing highlands.

The main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee serve as the leader of the construction machinery industry, the main person in charge of the provincial government, served as the chain of advanced rail transit equipment industry. Under the second half of this year, in the first half of this year, Hunan Province manufacturing tax growth%, manufacturing profit growth%; computer, integrated circuit, lithium-ion battery, and optoelectronic device yield increased double, double,%, and% respectively. Hunan Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hunan, said that Hunan will build a national important advanced manufacturing highland in the industry chain (group). By 2025, the "1125" target of advanced manufacturing industry will be achieved, that is, 100 Innovation capacity in the park, developing 1,000 major technological innovation products, cultivating 20 billion industries, cultivating 5 trillion industries.

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