Coal cleaning and efficient use of a piece of coal "star sea" dream

  What can a coal do? May only you can’t think of it, no I can’t do it – God, the sea, the worry of clothing, and the hopping of the line. Below, please follow me, come to a wonderful journey of "crossing the sea, covering the food, food". I am born in the Ping Shenma Group, the first stop, first go to the representative enterprise of our Coaljiao industry – Shoushan Chemical Company.

That is our transit station, with the international state-of-the-art rice volume tamper. We first "toilet" in the washstream, and then "sauna" in the coke oven, the squeezed bone is turned into coke, tar, ammonia … coke can be used as a furnace smelting fuel, and can be used for casting, non-ferrous metal smelting, etc.; tar, ammonia , Coke oven gas, etc., can be widely used in chemistry, medicine, etc .; hydrogen extracted with coke oven gas, is an important raw material for nylon chemical. Next stop, we came to the Nylon Chemical Company in the Underground Pipe. Here, coking by-product hydrogen, bartenzene, synthetic ammonia, etc., the quality change is a nylon intermediate such as adipic acid, hexanediamine, which is made into a liquid substance called nylon 66 salt. After being sent to China Nylon City, the Nylon Intermediates will completely change the appearance and bones. Nylon slices, industrial silk, civilian silk and special nylon, nylon special catalysts, etc. are all variants. These variants are baby! Engineering plastics, airbags, carpets, curtains, canvas, etc. are inseparable from it, and are favored by World 500 businesses such as Inverity, BASF.

  ST told you, in addition to integrating the field of daily production of living goods and high-end equipment manufacturing, my family has also flying towards the space with Shenzhou spaceship.

  Next, take you away from two: "Raw coal-coke-coke oversight (hydrogen) – silane-polysilicon (electronic level, regional fusion level) – solar cell sheet" "raw coal-coke oven gas-coal tar-needle Coking – Ultra High Power Graphite Electrode – Battery Negative Materials. These two roads, but the road of hope of coal families explore – the road to new energy new materials.

  From the "transfer station", it will not go to Silane Technology. Hydrogen is here "sublimation" into a colorless, very active compressed gas-silane gas in normal temperature, and then produces polysilicon, semiconductor chip silicon, and the like.

  Asphalt coking born in the "Transfer Station", walking on another road: After the cultivation of Xuchang Fuxing Materials Company, it will 长宁区419在哪里 transform into needles and negative materials. These two families will be opened to open coal. New carbon Material Technology Company, Xinxiang Flat Coal Sunshine and other enterprises, which are further transformed into ultra-high power graphite electrodes, lithium batteries and high performance batteries. Don’t think this is over.

These just have a brothers and sisters who have direct relationships, and now my family is getting stronger.

  With coal-nylon chemical, carbon materials, silicon materials and hydrogen energy can extend to the industrial chain, the high-end high end of the value chain, I am transformed from the fuel to the development of new material industries, friends circle is also "expansion" Wai "to the high-speed rail, automobile, aerospace, marine rope and civilian high-end fields, 上海lf品茶论坛交流 and continuous exploration toward" deep space, deep sea, deep, deep blue "," Star Over the Sea "is my future, my more and more realistic dream. The reporter Zhang Jianxin Henan newspaper the full media reporter Wang Bingzhen.


Concentrate, soul, strong voice, ideology

[Original title] Concentrate, the spirit of strengthening the soul of strong sound, June 8, 2020 Thousands of reporters, a large-scale topic interview activity officially launched in Hechi Dahua Yao Autonomous County, Guihua, National Poor County, Guangxi.

The reporter He Xueqou / photographs on April 23, 2021 Guangxi National Reading Campaign and "Green Bookmark Action" started in Nanning. Reporter Zhou Jun / Motion June 23 Spiritual power.

Reporter Xu Tianbao / photo January 30

Oukanan / Photos September 28, 2019, large original musical "bloody Xiangjiang" successfully premiered in Guangxi Culture and Art Center.

The drama was in the background of the Wanjiang River battle in Gui North in 1934, and the art reproduced the troops that were executed at the time, and the story of the death of the blood of Chen Shuxiang. Reporter Zhou Jun / Photographed 2019, the Guangxi Drama Strong Drama Mission Hadan won the 29th China Drama Plum Award with the Zhuangda "Gun Cliff", this is the Guangxi Drama Space after 17 "Mei", once again The door of "Mei" garden.

Reporter Xu Tianbao / Photographed July 16, 2021, children in Pinghuatai, Lingyun County, took the summer vacation to learn charging in the farm book house. Reporter He Xueqiang / Photos May 13, 2021, Huanjiang Gannan Autonomous County held a party history and education in Nanchang, Huannan Village, Nanchang, Huannan Village, Nanchang, China ", Telling the changes in hometown, sending a special party class for the grassroots party members. Yan Yu / Photo June 17, 2020, party members and cadres learned Huang Wenxiu comrades from Huang Wenxiu in Baiyi Village in Xinhua Town, Leye County. Reporter Zhou Jun / photo the strong sound of an era, there is always an advanced idea lead.

  A confident nation, there is always cultural power incentives.

  Open 上海高级水磨 the picture of Guangxi’s five years in the five years of publicity and cultural work. Since the eleventh party conference of the autonomous regions, Guangxi has practically implemented the "4 · 27" important speech of General Secrets in the Top Secretary, and the spirit of a series of important instructions on Guangxi work. The whole district propaganda and cultural front is so peaceful, and The mission 上海品茶桑拿论坛 of the bonus, gathering, educating new people, Xing culture, and exhibition, providing strong ideological guarantees and powerful spiritual power for Guangxi high-quality development. The Innovation of Ideological Theory.

Adhere to the main line of learning and promoting the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and actively promoting the publicization of the party’s innovation. More than 650 Theoretical Research Projects have been established by the National Social Science Fund Project.

The main news media production of the autonomous regions broadcast more than 1600 phases of theoretical publicization, more than 2,500 theoretical articles.

In-depth organities, communities, rural, schools, enterprises, etc. to carry out more than 500,000 activities, promoting the party’s innovation theory, "Flying into the home". – The mainstream public opinion plays the strong sound.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and publicity reports in Guangxi invested in Guangxi. The 60th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the promotion of major activities such as party history and education reported a concentration. Decisive victory of well-off decisions to take off the poverty, epidemic prevention, economic and social development, openness to the outside, anti-black and evil, etc. Media fusion continuously develops in depth, building data in data in the entire district, media resource database, autonomous region, city, county three-level media to achieve interconnection, forming "1 + 14 + 111" full media transmission matrix, mainstream The ideological public opinion is constantly consolidating and growing.

  - Civilized new wind blows 18 people.

"Time model" Huang Wenxiu, anti-vloys hero Liang Xiaoxia … The flower of the example is the flower of the example.

At the 8th National Moral Model Award Ceremony, Comrade Liang Xiaoxia was awarded the national dedication and dedication model. Cui translation comrades were awarded the national moral model nomination award in the country. Tree of civilization, whose leaves are.

Our district has created 10,000 new era civilization practice centers (stations), forming 138 civilized practices volunteer service teams, registered more than 10.51 million volunteers, and launched more than 1.5 million civilized practices.

  Cultural Hui People ‘s Heart Field. Building more than 10,000 village public cultural service centers in the whole district, achieving full coverage of the district administrative villages; more than 11 million books have been added to more than 11 million books, and innovative construction is easy to poverty alleviation and relocation. 135. Organize 690,000 rural public welfare films, benefiting 58.52 million people; distribute thousands of Guangxi cultural Huimin cards and 10,000 people reading cultural Huimin cards, further meeting the growing beauty of the people.

  The radiance of thought is bright, and the strong sound of the times is moving, accelerating the construction of new era of Chinese characteristic socialism and magnificent Guangxi’s ideological armed forces and mental power is more embarrassing! (Reporter Lin Sina Wang Chunnan) +1.


Decline violations violation of discipline of 24.068 million yuan

This newspaper reporter learned from the Yunyan District that since the inspection work, the area has always adheres to political inspection positioning, accurately implementing political inspection requirements,上海贵族宝贝花千坊 and standardizing the construction as a starting point, measures and high standard strict requirements to carry out patrol work, continue Promote high quality of inspection work.

In terms of sticking to political inspection, Yunyan District is based on the five-year planning of the insight. It is planned to plan, and scientifically formulate a routine inspection work program, adhere to the problem-oriented, ensuring that the target is focused, and the medium-term reporting is taken. The progress is achieved, and the problem is promptly resolved; in terms of standard workflow, the region combines the "CPC Yunyan District Committee Tour Operation Operation Process Manual", and standardizes the various steps of all aspects of the patrol, through "full training In the group, the training of the patrol cadres will 上海宝山罗店有小巷子be a number in the heart; in accordance with the law according to law, the area will work in accordance with the party regulations and inspection inspection of the party regulations and inspections, and adhere to the truth from facts. Solid, support material, the management process is strict, and the management process is strictly implemented, implemented in the bottom of the inspection report; in terms of strengthening work and protection, in order to ensure the smooth development of the inspection work, Yunyan District measures will be fully guaranteed from human, financial and material. Tour is carried 上海水磨微信工作室 out. Up to now, Yunyan District has launched a nine-round patrol, and 46 patrol groups have sent a political inspection on the party organizations and 178 villages (communities) party organizations, coverage of 94 districts, and the coverage rate of 100%; 345, 162 cases, 113 people in the party, transfer 12 people to transfer 12 people, and the violation of the violation of the laws and disciplines.

(Guiyang Daily Head Media Reporter Liang Wei) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see the recommended reading.


Accelerate the construction of scientific talents

  The national development rely on talents, and the national revitalization relies on talents. General Secretary Xi Jinping published an important speech at the Central Talent Work Conference to emphasize that "the high-level science and technology self-supporting self-reliance is key", and make important progress in the construction of scientific and technological innovation, "" in key core technology The important deployment of large batch strategic science and technology talents, first-class technology leaders and innovation teams, providing fundamental follows for speeding up the important talent centers and innovation of the construction of the world. Science and technology self-supporting is a strategic support for national development, has become the basic ability to determine my country’s survival and development. General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to high-level science and technology self-improvement, emphasizes "to target the frontier of the world, seize the trend," first "first chess", lay the foundation, and reserve long. "

The 19th National Congress of the Party has established a strategic objective in the forefront of the innovative country in 2035. The Five-Central Committee of the Party submitted adherence to the core status of innovation in the overall situation of my country’s modernization, and putting technology self-support as a strategic support of national development. . High-level science and technology self-reliance is not only the key to accelerating the construction of world science and technology, but also the goal of accelerating the construction of the world’s important talent center and innovative highlands. At present, the global scientific and technological competition is increasingly, my country’s economic and social development and people’s livelihood improvements have been more urgent in science and technology, which is more urgent in the history of science and technology talents. For a country, a high-level technology is self-reliant. The key to a large number of love party patriotism, adhering to the scientific and technological workers of academic newspapers.

From Qian Xuesen, Qian Songqiang, Deng Jiaxian, to Chen Jingrun, Huang Dynasty, Nan Rongdong … It is these hearts of the motherland, and the people who serve the people will go to success, and my country’s science and technology can achieve this achievements.

From "嫦娥" to the "蛟龙" to explore the sea, from "God" to the "Mozi" communication, from shale gas exploration, quantum computer research, a batch of major scientific and technological innovation results, is a lot of technology work Forget me to put, struggle to fight. Practice has 上海喝茶qq群 proved that talent development and technological innovation are the relationship between mutual achievement, and the majority of scientific and technological workers provide a continuous intelligence support for my country’s science and technology development. It is the most valuable wealth for the construction of world science and technology. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes the importance of cultivating strategic science and technology talents, science and technology leaders, excellent engineers, young science and technology talents, and high-level innovation teams.

At present, my country’s high-level innovation talents are still inadequate, especially the science and technology leadership talent. It is necessary to firmly establish a talent that 松江大学城一次50的快餐 is the concept of the first resource, accelerate the cultivation of a large number of outstanding scientific and technological talents.

  Colleges and research institutes are an important part of the national science and technology innovation system, and it is also an important subject to cultivate outstanding scientific and technological talents. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Clarify the entities of the innovation of enterprises, universities and research institutes in the functional positioning of different links in innovation chains, and inspire all kinds of main innovation and vitality.

"In terms of cultivating outstanding scientific and technological talents, colleges and universities should shoulder the mission of important responsibilities. On the one hand, universities and 上海会所推荐网 research institutes must support and encourage both people to improve innovation ability; on the other hand, we must improve the talents and talents. The selection and hiring work, the formation and growth of basic research, application research, technology development combined with the scientific and technological talent team.

In order to effectively protect and stimulate the innovative vitality, universities and research institutes to establish and improve the scientific and technological management system, implement the scientific and technological achievements transformation reward, scientific research independent rights, scientific and technological resources open share sharing and other policy measures, improve performance evaluation and income distribution incentive mechanism.

Establish a scientific evaluation index system, with the innovation ability of major basic research, innovative performance as the evaluation key, strengthen the evaluation of classification and evaluation, improve the originality, and the assessment of the iconic results. Guide the majority of scientific and technological workers to integrate their scientific pursuit into the great journey of comprehensively building socialist modern countries, especially to cultivate the patriotic feelings and innovation capabilities of young students. (The authors are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professors of East China Normal University).


Beijing-Tianjin Hiwen Tourism Association advances in depth

Jointly carry out brand propaganda promotion, launch cross-regional boutique lines, open Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourist class, optimize the supply of tourism products in the three-way … Actively promote tourism resources to build sharing, regional synergy continues to deepen, and the promotion is increasing, and the Beijing-Tianjin Hiwen Tourism Association has advanced in depth. Deepening the regional cooperation and promoting the Tourism Association, the same efficient development, recently, Sanhe Yan suburban art trainer street bustling, lively.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, Time Hui Zhi Ban, "Longqua" Jingtai Blue Production Experience and other activities, attracting a large number of tourists from Jingdong Jiubi County (city, district).

Here, in 2021, China Tourism Japan, Tianjing, Xinbao Travel Resources, and the "Jingdong Wen Tour Rod" established a series of activities officially launched. Sanhe City, Xianghe County, Xianghe County, Dafa Hui Autonomous County, Zunhua City, Xinglong County, Beijing Tongzhou District, Pinggu District, Tianjin City, Jiuyi District, Jiu County (city, district) Wenxian Department, head "The" "Jingdong Wen Tour" Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement ", effectively integrates the Jingdong Nine Literary Travel resources, realizing the full docking of the literature market, jointly building the Beijing-Tianjin Hiwen Tourism Association. According to the agreement, the Sanhe City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau is responsible for the establishment of the Jingdong Cultural Tourism Association, which is specific to the various local cultural sectors, and undertake the "Jingdong Wen Tour Rod" daily work. Establish a regular meeting business system, organize a collaborative development conference, and communicate with each other.

Planning and design "Jingdong Wen Tour Rod" unified texture IP, jointly build self-media literary publicity platform, effectively forming promotion and market influence. "In order to promote cooperation results, we are organizing research and development of ‘Jingdong Tour Rod" Tourism Counseling Tickets,’ Jingdong Tour Rod "member units have elected 27 famous scenic spots in the domain, visitors scan The QR code can be involved and enjoy a lower discount preferential policy.

Yang Jianwu, Director of the Sanhe City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau, said in the establishment ceremony.

Since this year, the interaction between Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has become increasingly frequent, cross-regional cooperation is increasingly advanced, and the integration of literary integration is in-depth.

Tour in the Grand Canal, happy in Tongquan.

On May 16, Tongwu’s Wenxiao Department jointly held "5 · 19" China Tourism Day Promotion Campaign in Liuyin Square, Daily Canal Forest Park, Tongzhou District. A number of well-known Wenbao companies jointly launched Huimin Measures and enhance the vitality of tourism markets.

The event also launched a targeted propaganda on the tourist route of Tongzhou to Langfang North County, promoting the Beijing City Deputy Center and the North Third County Wenxian Association Joints to deeper development. Sharing Winter Olympics, create a development in the future. Recently, Jingzhong Sports Culture Tourism has been established in Yanqing District, Beijing.

The alliance will formulate the joint meeting system of Beijing-Zhang Zhang Sports Culture Tourism Zone, regularly organize cultural, sports, tourism departments, strengthen coordination in development strategic planning, major project construction, important resource allocation, product development, marketing, etc., promoting Beijing Sports Cultural Tourism Tel Accelerates Construction.

Promote cooperation acceleration between three regions, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Culture and Tourism Collaborative Development In 2021, it will accelerate the promotion of Jingdong Leisure Tourism Demonstration Zone, Jingbei Ecology (Ice and Snow) Tourism Circle, Jingnan Ecological Tourism, Jingnan Leisure Shopping tourism area, the five major Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism pilot demonstration zone construction, comprehensively enhance the tourism infrastructure and public service levels, cultivate the tourism brand of the demonstration zone, and achieve cooperation projects to build sharing.

The tourist class is rich in tourists travel experience, sitting in the train to Beijing, Tianjin, and feel the Beijing Yunjin taste Yan Zhao Feng. Recently, hosted by the China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Corporation, "Sitting in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, China", hosted by China Railway Travel Group, started in Beijing.

China Tie Brief Group will focus on "Sitting in China", "Sitting in Beijing", "Sitting in Beijing", "Sitting in Beijing", "Sitting in Beijing", the annual plan, including 2 趟 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cultural Tourism Specialization 闵行洗浴推油 67 travel specials. According to the relevant person in charge of the China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Company, in order to meet the weekend of tourists, the railway department will be a carrier in Beijing, the railway department will enrich the tourism resources along the road, and the S1 city sub-center line is introduced. " Cross the underground diameter line, see Jingtong Ancient rhyme "culture tour; The line is based on "Changyou Huahai, Bead Curtain Ancient Town" Leisure Vacation Tour, and build "Sitting in Beijing" tourism brands.

Tourism and railways have natural associations, and visitors have significant overlap and passengers.

The opening of the tourism specialization can better meet the new needs of the people’s personalization, differentiated leisure vacation, 浦东桑拿会所全套 bringing new motivation for the innovation and development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and has added new ways to "weekends".

In recent years, Hebei Province has actively strengthened communication and cooperation with railways and companies in Beijing, Tianjin, and innovating tourism promotion methods.

While adding comfortable and comforting tourists, Hebei Province also makes full use of the class straightead, seat, publication, etc. to increase tourism image and tourism resources, and the tourist train is named, improve the visibility of Hebei, let Beijingjin The tourist class has become a new mobile promotion center in Hebei Province. In August last year, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Halls cooperated with China Railway Travel Agency Group Co., Ltd., opened 4 "Aiji Township, Hebei found the beauty" – "Enjoy Hebei" 青浦油压全套 tourist train, respectively by Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, 邯郸Departure, to Chengde, Zhangjiakou, and accelerate the recovery of regional tourism markets.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Wentai Hall said that the opening of the tourism class is designed to build a short-distance line product of the special train of the weekend tour through integration of the rich and heavy historical and cultural resources of Hebei, attracting more Beijing-Tianjin tourists into Hebei. Enjoy Hebei. Next, the Provincial Text Board will promote the periodicization of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism class, and strive to build it into brand products that become "weekends". To create a new home-state optimization of the product supplies, the eye-catching music elements will break into the eyes; every time, the ear will come to the melodious music. On May 15th, the 2021 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei sports and leisure experience season, hosted by the Sanshi Sports Department, held in Zhou Wi Music Town. Three places sports and tourism enthusiasts, sports tourism fields have more than 500 experts, participated in sports and leisure experience activities such as scientific walking and directional competitions. Two days of activities, participants not only enjoy the happiness brought by sports, but also visited Wu Qiang New Year’s Museum, Music Park, World Museum Museum, Participating in Ecological Park Picking Competition, and feel the unique charm of "Millennium Heaven" .

With sports and leisure as a carrier to create a "urban sports card" as the purpose, the participation experience is the main form, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei sports and leisure experience season aims to showcase sports and cultural, tourism, healthy and ecological agriculture and other business integration development Results, promote the cultivation and development of regional sports, tourism brands in Beijing and Hebei.

In order to further stimulate the vitality of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism market, relying on the cultural tourism resources of all parts of the local cultural tourism resources, innovative ideas, build a batch of health fashion, distinctive tourism new products, and open the new window that drives domestic demand, Visitors offer more travel options and a more fresh travel experience.

Transportation integration acceleration, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei one-hour life circle became a reality, the "poetry and distant" "Poetry and the distant" "Poetry and Yuanyuan" have become more and more popular choices for tourists. Recently, Mr. Xu, Beijing’s self-driving tour, and more than 100 self-driving riders from Beijing, Tianjin Head, gathered together, participated in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Great Wall self-driving tour – mobility activities. "This self-driving tour is connected in series, and the city park tour, the Great Wall Park tour two lines, let the riders feel the beauty of the safety domain, understand the beauty of the safe domain, understand the thick historical and cultural, taste of the Great Wall Another special food is really an unforgettable self-driving tour. "Mr. Xu said excitedly. With the text promotion, with brigade, with the integration of literature, the three orientation of non-legacy + tourism development is rapid. Introducing non-legal test tourism lines, organizing intangible cultural heritage exhibition, non-legacy immersion experience show … rich and colorful non-body test, let travel more connotation, let non-protocols are more energetic.

This year, three places will integrate Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei culture and tourism resources to meet leisure tourism needs such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei residents, and create a group of ecological environmental protection, fitness, leisure. The boutique A-level scenic spots, provincial and municipal resorts and all-domain tourism demonstration zones, further optimizing cultural and tourism products supply. (Reporter Jia Nan) (Editor: Formo, I wish the dragon super).


Dallati Zhaojun Town: "Five Union Construction" to create a new formation of grassroots integration party building

Since this year, the Zhajun Town, Dalat, Ordos, has actively adapted to the new situation of rural development, actively exploring 上海移花宫论坛 the construction of regionalized party building, and promoting the "five joint construction" work law, through branch joint construction, party members linkage, village enterprises , Service Unicom, governance, and explore new paths that meet their actual regional parties construction work.

The branch joint aggregation is to enhance the grassroots party construction to build an attractive, and the party committee of Zhajun Town will give full play to the "first-line headquarters", with the land for the link, integrate regional party construction resources, and divide 18 Zhuzu Village Party organizations into the north 3 party construction alliances in the middle and southern China. The northern "River Modern Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Demonstration Zone" focuses on the 上海外卖品茶群 extension of the demonstration leadership of the party branch of the Si Village, implementing the high-standard farmland construction project 10,000 mu, involving the 9th Village Party (General) Branch, social and economic benefits. The "Ecological Grass Husbandry and Natural Tourism Resources Protection and Development Zone" takes the new industrial development pattern of the Chai Enduji party branch as the core, relying on the photovoltaic project, actively constructs grain feeding, agricultural and animal husbandry and literature, and the new industrial development pattern of cycle development. The 6th Village Party Branch of the Ministry of Indines and Ecological Restoration Region adheres to the party building leadership, in the context of the construction of the green mine, complete the greening project of the high-headed 爱上海1314后花园 kiln section of the tallow line, and the road greening along the line along the line along the road. Road transformation upgrade. The Party Construction Alliance adheres to the big events, practical cooperation, and strives to decisive, urgent business methods, joint research to solve the problem of regional problems, and take each other, effectively break the system barriers to the Erchando Village Party Organization, build a multi-domain The co-consisted party construction pattern of linkage and multi-governmental treatment.


Altai Dongmu culture photography tour guide

  In recent years, Altai region has vigorously developed ice and snow, carrying a variety of winter characteristic tourism activities, launches skiing, rewards, and hip-hitting, etc., more and more people coming in winter photography.Last year, the Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Hall and the Altay Regional 上海浦东品茶快餐 Administrative Office hosted Xinjiang’s winter photography contest.Compared to other themes, the photos of 上海虹口全套 Dongmu theme are more powerful, but the requirements for traffic, cold and cold are higher.

Well-known 上海喝茶场子 photographer Han Jie Pillar of Xinjiang.The emergence of Dongmu line products has opened new income and herdsmen.

Ji Mu Nai County Tuste Township Broad Titas Village Village Village Village Tori is a tourist performance last year, the girl is chasing, a income is nearly 3,000 yuan.We are ready, to better perform for the distance from afar.

He said.


Germany has introduced a number of "limited molding" 青浦赵巷最近没人 to the plastic waste

Germany is a large country in plastic production and consumption. According to the German data website Statista, 2018, Germany produced approximately 19 million tons of plastic synthetic products, accounting for about one third of the total EU plastics products; Germans have averaged approximately 39 kilograms of plastic garbage every year, far super ultrasound EU The average of 33 kg. Most of these plastic garbage comes from shopping bags.

However, Germany is one of the best countries in the world’s garbage sorting, and its garbage circulation utilization is about 65%, and the packaging industry can reach more than 80%, which is in the world.

According to the German Federal Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety (BMU) statistics, Germany’s plastic packaging utilization 上海娱乐服务业平台 rate in Germany is as high as%, of which about 46% of plastic waste is circulated, about 53% of waste is incremented to generate energy.

In recent years, the relevant departments of Germany have introduced a number of environmental policies to reduce plastic waste. From 2015, German supermarkets no longer provide disposable plastic bags, which effectively reduces the use of disposable plastic bags. According to the statistics of the Department of Germany, since 2015, the consumption of the German plastic bags has dropped 64%. At the end of 2018, the German Office of the German Office made a "five-point plan", which aims to reduce the production of plastic products and strengthen the recovery of plastic waste.

The plan is specifically: It is forbidden to use disposable plastic packaging, advocate environmentally friendly packaging, strengthen the use of recyclable plastic products, and avoid sustainable use of marine garbage and advocacy plastic products in organic waste.

In response to the EU will be effectively produced in 2021, the German government decided to ban a number of plastic products for multiple categories in July 2020, including disposable plastic tableware (fork, knife, spoon and chopstick), plastic Drug, plastic rod cotton swab, plastic balloon stick and plastic cup, etc. People must replace these things with recyclable materials.

German Environmental Minister Schye Schylla said: "We want to change people to treated plastics through these measures.

Modern society has created too many plastics, and many plastic waste exports to developing countries, resulting in serious marine pollution. We now need not only to improve plastics recycling technology, but also advocate the lifestyle of plastics.

"German merchants also responded to reducing the call of plastic sales, Germany’s café has raised a" deposit environmental protection cup ". When consumers take coffee, use a cup with repeated use, but you need to pay an euro. Deposit, refund the cup to take the deposit.

In addition, Germany also has a lot of "Treasing Bao", such as Berlin’s Pentatonic Furniture Factory, produces various tables and chairs and cups with various plastic waste of people’s daily plastic bottles, disposable cups. In 2019, 30 companies, including BASF, German Chemical, have set up a "Plastic Waste Termination" in London, which plans to invest a total of 1.5 billion US dollars in 2024 to invent the technique of improving garbage cycle utilization. In addition to national policies, the German people also have a strong environmental awareness. According to Statista, in 2018, only% of the Germans will purchase plastic bags when purchasing food; 57% of German people will not purchase disposable plastic bags when shopping; 72% of the people support the imposing costs for plastic bags. One of the countries that have begun to implement garbage classification, German people have helped the daily garbage into four categories from 1991 to pre-score for garbage disposal, which greatly reduces pollution during garbage disposal and improves garbage use. Rate. (Editor: Cui Yue, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.


Defeat KP Qiang on the Olympic Games you can do

  Xinhua News Agency, October 31 (Reporter Xiao Ya Zhuo) defeated the human marathon in the 5 km competition. For ordinary runners seem to be a difficult dream, but the Paris 2024 Olympic Organization has made this true.

  On October 31, Kipp Qiao, Paris, Chairman, President of Paris, etc. (former left) and other self-portrait before the competition.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jing Jing 31, while the opening of the Paris Olympic 上海干磨水磨休闲服务Games, the Paris Organizing Committee held a do not open the road race in the Champs Elysées. More than 3,600 Volkswagen Runners and the two Olympic Marathon competition champion, the world record holder Kippe Jojo, and the players who fame before Kapu Joe will automatically receive the qualification of the Paris Olympic Marathon.

  Of course, in order to help the public runners realize the Olympic dream, the organizing committee is still moving some "hands and feet." All contestants can choose different departure groups according to their own situation. The sooner the more powerful players, the stronger, the more weigh, and Kapu Joen is naturally ranked after everyone, go Chasing other players.

    The organizing committee explained that the reason for this is to take care of everyone as much as possible, so that everyone will have the opportunity to win the Paris Olympics for the Paris Olympic Games.

Finally, more than 1,000 players rushed through the end line before Kappe Joe.

  "This is the first time to lose the game is still so happy, because this means that more people have won the victory, and they will stand in the Games Marathon competition with me in 2024.

"Kapchie said. From the beginning of the 20024 Olympic Games, Paris put more broad participation as the core tenet of the game. To this end, the Paris 2024 Olympic Organization Committee started to determine the martial arts in the Olympic Games after 3 years. Opened the public runner group. By then, ordinary runners also have the opportunity to become "Olympic players", and professional athletes play on the same runway. "We hope that the Olympics can attract more people, this is why we are today This event is to be held in the day of countdown to hold this activity, just hope that more people feel the passion of sports. As an ordinary runner, you can also go to the center of the city, accept the cheers. Next we will hold more similar activities, let more people have the opportunity to participate in the Olympics.

"President Tony Estetan, Chairman Paris.

As the Olympic champion of the former kayaking project, Estettan is also easy to complete 5 km. Zhang Zhuo Ming, who is studying in Paris, has become one of more than 1,000 lucky in the scene.闵行水磨体验 He is a "star" player in the Paris Chinese running circle all year round. On the same day, he defeated Kapek, "Advantages", won a ticket for the Paris Olympic Marathon.

  "Participating the Olympics will definitely be a very meaningful and unforgettable experience. After all, for our ordinary runners, this is impossible to imagine. This innovation of the Paris Organizing Committee is very meaningful.

Zhang Zhuo Ming said.

  Kipp Qiaog (middle), President Paris Organizing Committee Chairman Estetan (middle, left) and the contestants took a photo after the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jing Jingjing Zhang Zhuo Ming’s girlfriend Shao Jiayun also participated in the game, but at the last four five hundred meters, it was more than Kapige.

However, she did not 上海qm兼职 need to be discouraged, and then until the 2024 Olympics officially started, the Paris Organizing Committee will also hold several similar activities to give the public to the public.

Shao Jiayun still has the opportunity to stand on the 2024 Olympic marathon competition.

Editor in charge: Guo Jian.


Adhere to sustainable development and build Asia-Pacific fate community

Dear friends, ladies, gentlemen, friends: I am very happy to meet you again. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spread globally, and the world economy has a difficult to-fold. The Asia-Pacific region has always been an important growth in the world economy, and is the first to show a recovery momentum in this crisis.

In this history, the Asia-Pacific region should be brave a time, play a leading role, and firmly move towards the construction of Asia-Pacific fate community. First, all resistance to the epidemic. Early out of the epidemic shadow, achieving economic stable recovery, is the most 上海品茶群怎么进 urgent task facing the Asia Pacific region.

The more difficult moments, the more you have to confirm, the more you want to calm down. For decades, the Asia-Pacific region has made progress in the crisis, and it will be brilliant in the victory challenge.

In the face of this century test of this business, the Asia-Pacific economies and the community should adhere to the people’s supreme, life first, promote the spirit of science, unite, watch help, and strive to win the thorough victory of the fight against the epidemic. We must support each other’s cultural efforts to strengthen cooperation in the fields of testing methods, therapeutic drugs, and vaccine development, production, and mutual recognition. It is necessary to put the vaccine as a consensus of global public goods, promote its fairness and reasonable allocation, ensuring the availability and 上海约妹子 aggressiveness of developing countries, and jointly bridge the "immune divide".

  Second, insist on open cooperation. Open is the only way to prosper and progress in human society. For more than 30 years, from the "Bogor" to "Burtraga Vision", coordinate from the macroeconomic policy to the construction of high-standard free trade zones, and the Asia-Pacific region maintains rapid growth for a long time. At the end of the root, it is benefited from the efforts of the opening economic style, benefiting from the Asia-Pacific partnership that constructs mutual trust, inclusive, cooperation, and win-win. Regardless of how the world is evolved, the Asia-Pacific economic toughness is good, and the strength of power is not changed. All parties should open their minds, grasp the great trend, and actively expand their openness, promote trade and investment liberalization, and maintain industrial chain supply chain is stable and smooth, promote the order of resource elements, promote economic recovery, and achieve linkage development. To stick to forward, go forward, against discrimination, exclusive practice.

With ideology scribe, engage in geopolitic small circles, it is no future.

The Asia-Pacific region should not return to the opposition and split state of the Cold War.

  Third, promote green transformation.

A good ecological environment is the most basic public goods and the most popular people’s livelihood. The Asia-Pacific region must use the green as the bottom color of the resuscitation, and strive to make scientific response to climate change.

It is necessary to adhere to the principle of joint but distinctive responsibility, implement the results of the "Paris Agreement" and "Biodiversity Convention" meeting. Developed economies should adhere to the awareness of the Community, provide funding and technical support for developing economies, helping them improve environmental governance, and walk together green, low-carbon, sustainable development.

  The green low carbon transformation is systematic engineering, and it is necessary to make overall, overall advancement.

There are still more than 100 million poor povertyers in the Asia-Pacific region, some economies are facing gaps, food security, energy security, etc. in infrastructure construction, education medical care, etc. Without development, you can’t gather the economic power of green transformation; ignore people’s livelihood, you will lose the social relying on green transformation.

We must accurately understand the concept of sustainable development, adhere to the people’s centers, coordinate economic growth, people’s livelihood guarantee, energy conservation and emission reduction, promote green transformation in economic development, and achieve greater development in green transformation. Fourth, actively promote innovation. Innovation is an important force to promote human social progress. I often say that a country, a region is not innovated, and innovation is slow. The Asia-Pacific region has unique intellectual resources and deep innovation and traditions, giving birth to many new technologies, new industries, and new mechanisms have always been the global innovation and development leading sheep.

At present, the new round of technology revolutions and industrial changes are in-depth development, information technology, biotechnology, and manufacturing technology, and provide guarantees for promoting economic growth, responding to major epidemic, climate change, natural disasters.

  We must accelerate scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivate new movements in economic development, so that innovation has become a strong support for coordinated economic development and green transformation.

Strengthening the Asia-Pacific member of scientific and technological innovation, building an open, fair, just, non-discrimination environment for technology development. The business community is in front of scientific and technological innovation, and we must strive to become the main force of research and development, achievements.

  Ladies, gentlemen, friends! For a long time, China’s economic development has always been accompanied by the Subcommittee of the Asia-Pacific regional cooperation. China has achieved a comprehensive establishment of a well-off society in an all-round way, historic solves absolute poverty, and has opened a new journey of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization. This will bring greater opportunities for the Asia-Pacific region.

  - China will unswervingly advance the reform and opening up, providing assistance for the economic development of Asia Pacific. China is committed to promoting the construction of high-standard market system, promoting new progress in important areas and key link reforms. China will create a high level, system-type external open pattern, and continuously optimize the business environment, and encourage the innovation and development of free trade test area.

China has ratified the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement", and apply for the "Comprehensive and Progressive Cross-Pacific Partnership Agreement", will continue to reduce foreign-in-payment in the process of compliance and negotiations, and promote all-round opening of agriculture and manufacturing. , Increase the opening up of the service industry, and give an inner and foreign enterprises equally according to law. "It is the end of the last, and the latter is careful.

"In recent days, China’s relevant departments are improving the implementation of anti-monopoly laws and strengthening supervision of domestic industry.

This is not only the needs of the healthy development of China’s market economy, and it is also a common practice in the world.

We will not shake and develop public ownership economies, do not shake, support, guide non-public economic development, equal treatment of various market mains, build unified open, competitive market systems, and constantly consolidate China’s long-term development roots, And provide better guarantees for China-Pacific and global business circles.

  - China will promote a comprehensive green transformation, contribute to the construction of Eco-civilization in Asia Pacific and global. I have lived in a small village in the Loess Plateau in China for many years. At that time, the ecological environment there was destroyed, and the lives of the people were also in poverty.

I realized that the damage to nature will eventually hurt people myself. China will actively promote the construction of ecological civilization, and adhere to the green hills is Jinshan Yinshan, deepen the comprehensive management of soil and soil, and make good pollution prevention and control. China will firmly implement national strategies for climate change. Last year I proposed carbon peak goals and carbon neutralization, China has developed the "2030-prodea-carbon peak action program" to accelerate the construction of "1 + N" policy system.

"1" is China to achieve carbon peak, carbon neutrics and guiding ideology and top design, "N" is a key area and industry implementation plan, including energy green transformation, carbon peak action in industrial field, transportation green low carbon action , Circulating economic carbon actions, etc. China will coarct low-carbon transformation and people’s livelihood needs, handle development with emission reduction relationship, and achieve carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization goals as scheduled.

  China’s emission reduction action is a deep economic and social change.

Although the task is extremely arduous, we will make the global green transformation contribute to the global green transformation.

China’s emission reduction action will also drive large investment, create huge market opportunities and cooperative spaces.

We welcome the active participation of the Asia-Pacific business community to create a green development in the future.

  - China will work to promote cooperation and win-win, add bricks to the Asia-Pacific economic development.

China has been actively integrated into the Asia-Pacific region and is always the promoter of Asia-Pacific open cooperation. China will adhere to true multilateralism and maintain the multilateral trade system with the core of the World Trade Organization, and actively participate in global economic governance and promote the construction of open world economy. China will firmly promote the high-quality construction of "all the way", promote the Asia-Pacific interconnection, maintenance of regional industrial chain supply chains, and deepen cooperation with all parties in areas such as e-commerce, digital logistics, and injecting Asia-Pacific economic recovery and sustainable development power.

  I proposed global development initiatives at this year’s UN General Assembly to focus on the development needs of developing countries and protect their development space, achieving more powerful, green, and healthy global development. China is willing to continue to play a responsible big country, promote cooperation between global poverty reduction, food security, development financing, and implement a UN sustainable development agenda to build a community of global development.

  Ladies, gentlemen, friends! For a long time, friends from the majority of business and business communities are all experienced people in China, participants, I hope everyone will continue to care and support China’s development, realize a win-win situation in cooperation, making Asia-Pacific big family unity and prosperity 上海干磨微信群 promoters, contributors. thank you all.

  (Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 11) (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.