Fuquan City launched "Volunteer Care · Caring" public welfare activities

On November 19, the Communist Youth League Fuman Municipal Committee organized a love company Fu Run Company to Fuquan City First Primary School, the second elementary school launched the "Volunteer Care · Caring" to donate charity activities, and sent "traffic safety protection learning bag", Creating a rich care of young people healthy growth atmosphere. The "Transportation Protection Learning Pack" donated by this event is 198 yuan, including traffic safety 上海上课喝茶群 school pack, safe travel anti-light police post a set, a box of color pencils, three primary and secondary school safety education manuals, science books with cartoon comics, etc. I like to help primary and secondary school students learn to protect self-help knowledge, further improve the safety and self-protection awareness of primary school students, so that children grow in joy, harmony, care, and healthy environments.

Li Zeying, a second class of the first primary school in Fuquan City, said: "Today, Uncle Aunt brings traffic safety protection spree, this heavy gift, give us unlimited warmth, we have to study, never Life, uncle, aunt, to our hopes. "In the event, the Communist Party of China also awarded the" Love Unit "honorary medal for Fu Run Company, expressed their gratitude to the love of love, social responsibility. Yu Quanjuan, deputy secretary of the party committee of Fu Run, said: "As a part of the society, our state-owned enterprises, in the development of the enterprise, it is also necessary to take social responsibility. Under the organization of the Municipal Committee, we dedicate the love learning bag, pass traffic Safety awareness, I hope to send our Fuze 长宁区419会所电话 and Moistur to every child or even every family.

"It is understood that this public welfare activity issued an initiative by the Communist Party of China, which is willing to give up the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions and social groups, and the public welfare activities aimed at enhanced traffic safety awareness. Protecting youth safety travel, guiding young people to do traffic safety knowledge learners and communicators, learn to be grateful, inherit, and carry forward the spirit of good dedication, and constantly pass positive energy.

The Communist Youth League Fuquan said: "The next step, the Communist Party of China will increase the propaganda, call on more love companies and love people to participate in the event, helping students to establish the correct 上海海选油压会所 outlook on life, let them study, every day Up, becoming a qualified construction of strong rich new Fuquan’s backup power.

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China’s economic toughness Yongheng: stubborn, unforgettable, 砥 砥

  Xinhuanet Beijing September 5th IT: China’s economic toughness | Yongheng: stubborn, unforgettable In the trouble, find a state suitable for yourself; Sichuan companies also have a toughness, which can break out in the situation, and the rise in adversity. Yongheng Technology Group is such a Sichuan enterprise with tennatural strength, toughness, unforgettable, and predicated. In 1995, only three or five entrepreneurship companies were established. In today’s more than 2,000 people, nearly 300 mu of companies, Yongheng focused on the furniture field for twenty-five years.

For twenty-five years, Yongheng’s CEO Liu Yi led the team to witness the rise of China’s economy, and in this, they have also experienced the bumps and hardships of internal affair, and the stimuli and temptation of other industry markets, but Sichuanese Sichuan companies have this toughness. In 1998, in 1998, the financial crisis of the 2008 financial crisis, Yongheng should make an opportunity, expand the battlefield, rush performance; facing the competitor’s price war, Yongheng Using quality and service, it is difficult to face; facing the rapid rise of the real estate, the Internet and other industries, Yongheng still keeps the initial heart, deep plowing in their own field. Perseverance is the spiritual toughness, although heavy can also be responsible; persistence is the firmness of the idea, there is a fascinating and not give up; persistence is the tenacity of life, and it is difficult to let.

It is such a toughness, so that Yongheng has become one of the three brands of China’s office furniture industry; it is so firm, so that Yongheng’s output value continues to grow in 25 years; it is such a tenacious, let Yonghao is not only a brand, but also Like a mental symbol. A few days ago, Yongheng Technology Group, Yongheng Industrial CEO Liu Yi received exclusive interviews from Xinhuanet, 上海外菜论坛 from Yongheng 25 years, telling the Chinese economy’s toughness and the tenacity of Chinese people. Yongheng Technology Group, Yongchen Industrial CEO Liu Yi is a guest Xinhuanet crisis, and it is "stubborn adherence to" Yongheng, which was established in 1995, was originally a special safe, file cabinet Entrepreneurial company. After 25 years of 铿铿, Yongheng is now nearly 2,000 people, serving 225 people 500 customers, and 403 customers in China, becoming the leader in the China office furniture industry. Huge success is not power but toughness. In the past 25 years, Yongheng’s performance has continued to grow, and the average annual growth rate is 30%. Yongheng, Yongheng, Yongheng, Yongheng has been in the country.

Liu Yi recalled that Yongheng has grown from zero to the past 25 years. In fact, there is no outsider, and during the period, there have 上海油压店重新开门 been many downtime, resistant to all kinds of internal and external, can develop, Yongheng It is persistent, perseverance, and stubborn persistence. In 1998, the financial crisis and 2008 financial turm have let many industries in the market have encountered an unprecedented impact, and the office furniture industry is no exception. Liu Yi said that there is a mourning in the industry, many companies feel bad, but we have always had a crisis awareness and think that there is an opportunity in the crisis.

From a macro point of view China’s economic development is certainly good momentum, the big trend will not change, but in a critical period of crisis, opportunities for the development of Wing Hang the contrary. During that time, businesses are saying that "business can not go on", so withdrawal of publicity, reduced advertising, shrinking the battlefield, 上海郊区品茶 trying to reduce risk.

Wing Hang but it should be powerful and moving at this time, everyone in the withdrawal of advertising time on advertising Wing Hang on, everyone in the field when the withdrawal of Wing Hang has expanded field, in fact, during that time, Wing Hang seemingly thin clouds wind light, also behind the actual carrying enormous pressure to perform. Liu Yi is a fairly good state of mind of CEO, but that time great pressure made him an instant white head. Fortunately, now looking back, twice crisis contrarian is the right choice, "stick with it is that we not only adhere to, but stubborn insistence, perhaps a lot of people see the problem, but the first time we think more of how to solve, perhaps I Gerry tenacity, but also the entire enterprise toughness.

"Adversity stick brand, relying on the" Common Sense course of the same early heart "for 25 years, not only has the financial crisis, foreign aggression financial turmoil this environment, there are internal problems at the expense of quality and price-cutting among peers such malicious competition.

  Liu Yi frankly, almost all of the business managers will encounter the same problem: want to brand, but could not help the temptation of interests, some companies in order to quickly shootout market, even thinking about "doing almost the quality, quantity will be leaps and bounds." was in the office furniture industry, Wing Hang encountered such competitors. During that time, Wing Hang the face of this "internal and external" pressure, "environment, market forces you to lower prices, the quality of sacrifice, sacrifice service.

"But Wing Hang therefore do not want to sacrifice quality for many years to establish a brand, the competition was" killed over "when their price is only 60%, followed by other colleagues also followed price cuts, but price cuts are inevitable cost of sacrificing quality and service "Wing Hang always find something affordable in some sense does not exist, Wumart, a price is not cheap, if enough inexpensive price, it often was not beautiful.

"While many companies have chosen to sacrifice quality and lower prices to seize the market when, Wing Hang has decided to stick to over the years to play down the brand in the face of adversity," service, quality must not drop. "First of all is the service, Wing Hang steel products field is the first to propose" free maintenance for life "of the enterprise, while many competitors reduce services, Wing Hang contrarian proposed addition to safes, file cabinets and other goods of this in vitro" All accessories also bear the maintenance free life. "Wing Hang time exceptionally clear, in fact, the service is a core point of sale or business, the importance of doing business is far greater than the so-called degree. Therefore, Wing Hang requires marketing services agency city , customer service personnel have arrived at solving user usage within four hours; even in case of only one person, even if the exhibition closed, come back and then finished repairs, but also the service in the first place.

  The second is the quality.

Wing Hang is the initial sales started, agents of other branded products, when it finds Wing Hang, product quality is the eternal characteristics.

So from 2002, Wing Hang completion of construction, the development has been made Moses three bases, two bases has basically realized the depth of integration of information technology and intelligence. The two chunks of quality and service will never change, Wing Hang believe that good product quality, good service, regardless of the market environment changes, no matter how competitors market competition, the market is not the ultimate ownership self-evident. Impetuous precipitation accumulation, relying on the "front lines temper faith," China’s rapid economic development has created opportunities for many emerging industries, but also to many traditional industries suffered shock and malaise. For 25 years, Wing Hang addition to actively cope with internal and external pressures, while continuing precipitation accumulated in this fickle market environment, with the share of temper beliefs forward, stick, stick, honesty and innovation. Liu Yi respect, from the beginning to now venture business to grow, and there have been expanded during the time. For 25 years, Wing Hang at an annual rate of two to three branch expansion in 2006, Wing Hang good momentum of development, the company decided to rapid development, a one-time expansion of the 11 branches, but soon the company found that such speed expansion will bring along a lot of "side effects", "so-called bite off more than you can chew, your service, your technology, your products, your management can not reach, for the time being not to do." Similarly, the 25-year Wing Hang there have been a loss of time, when the real estate industry blowout outbreak, then heard people say a lot of money to do real estate, also moved to make real estate mind.

At that time, employees have been confused, always feel that the market is not big enough to sell safe one day sold out how to do? After a brief impetuous, Wing Hang decided to sink in the heart come accumulation, Wing Hang it described as the expansion of industrial extension to the core business as the center into a circle from the dot, and constantly expand and eventually turn into a ball , in such a way to expand, to do business office, downtown ‘change’ in the office, in the last ten years through the operation, Wing Hang slowly started by hope, has become even more clear direction, has been insisting to now, will also continue.

  Over the past twenty-five years, Wing Hang’s market share has to do highest in the country, more than 100 patented technologies, in addition to nearly 300 acres, covering the three major manufacturing base for world-class intelligent automatic equipment in the industry, the country products Center with a total area greater than 12 square meters, but also has nearly 1,300 people in the industry excellent marketing team.

Before the next fifteen years, Wing Hang team will fully promote the brand strategy, standardization strategy and innovation-driven development strategy, Wing Hang believe the best of times in the current Chinese economy, Wing Hang all the brothers and sisters will continue to maintain the toughness, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, temper OK, do the Chinese office furniture first goal must be completed within fifty-five plan (2023), the first hundred years of Wing Hang and Wing Hang Wing Hang will also achieve great cause! +1.


2021 China International Mining Conference opened in Tianjin

  2021 China International Mining Conference opened at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of the 21st. Li Hongzhong, Minister of Natural Resources, and Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Liao Guoxun, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Ling Yueming, South African Ambassador to China Xie Shengwen. President of the China Mining Federation Peng Zhewu presided over the opening ceremony.

  When Liao Guoxun said, this session aims to build a global mineral exchange cooperation and industry chain association with innovative bridges, show technological innovation and application results. Under normalized epidemic prevention and control, the world mining economy will be promoted to the world’s mining economy. To an important boost.

Tianjin has a distinction advantage, strong industrial base, outstanding innovation ability, superior business environment. Let us take the opportunity of the General Assembly to build a new new pattern of mining in the era of the epidemic, and promote the development of mineral development and prosperity, and work together to open up fair, open, comprehensive and innovative mineral development.

  Ling Yueming said that at present, the world’s centuries have nothing to change the global epidemic intersection of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the uncertainty of global economic recovery has increased significantly, and international mining investment opportunities and challenges.

I hope that all parties parties will improve the global mining governance, promote international cooperation, respect trade policy rules, and maintain development order, and advocate green technology innovation, fulfill social responsibility, and work hard to create a steady, open inclusive, and future global mining.

  Xie Shengwen said that China’s mining field investment has developed rapidly around the world, and China International Mining Conference demonstrates the latest developments and trade results of mineral development worldwide. South Africa will further explore mineral resources, enhance technical capabilities, continue to improve investment environments, improve relevant policies, and hope to further strengthen cooperation in minerals in China, and join hands in the two peoples. After the opening ceremony, Lu Wei, Li Hongzhong, and Liao Guoxun jointly visited the exhibition of mining conferences, listening to the introduction of mining management, geological exploration, mining development, mineral product transactions, understanding the city’s country’s country, the city, the construction, and the utilization of ecological barrier construction and geothermal resources. And came to Argentina and other booths to deepen international mining cooperation in-depth exchange. On the evening of the 21st, the city held a welcome meeting in the guest house and said sincerely to the guests from all walks of life.

  2021 China International Mining Conference is organized by the Natural Resources Department, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government,上海千花论坛 hosted by the China Mining Federation, with "Multilateral Cooperation, for the Development and Prosperity of the End of the Event", will host 20 forums, attract 30 30 230 domestic and foreign exhibitors participating in the country and region participated in the exhibition. The General Assembly was held in combination with "online + line", the online "national promotion" activity, promoting 上海海选品茶微信 the resources potential, mining projects and mining policies, organizing the cooperation between China, through the cloud platform for the whole year Long-term operation show, improved, providing a 24/7 service for domestic and foreign mining communities. Zhong Natural, director of the China Geological Survey, Ambassador Argentina, Ambassador, Ambassador, Chile, Lisout, Mozambique, Mozambique, Maria Gustava, Namibia, Ambassador Elia, Elia, Elia Louis Karda, Peru, Louis Ksa, Tanzania, Ambassador to China, Merva Kaili, and Indonesia, China, international organization, domestic and foreign mining enterprises, and financial institutions, etc. attended the opening ceremony, the city leaders Sun Wenkui, Wang Meng Qingsong, secretary general of Asking Municipal Government.

(Wei Hi Mi Zhai in Spring).


Government helps the leader gathering innovation to force Hunan Advanced Manufacturing High Quality Development

Original title: Hunan Advanced Manufacturing High Quality Development (Economic Focus) Core reading in recent years, surrounding the important advanced manufacturing highland of the country, Hunan fully grasps 22 emerging advantage industrial chain (group). At present, there are 22 national-level single-champion enterprises and products in Hunan Province, and 232 specialty new "small giants" enterprises, and all kinds of elements resources accelerate in the manufacturing industry.

On October 25th, the world’s largest up-turning tower W12000-450 was located in the smart factory in the Zhonglian Heavy Tower machine in Changde, Hunan.

The product is the world’s largest spanning of the world’s largest span-use bridge-Changtai Yangtze River Bridge, the maximum lifting weight of 450 tons, which is equivalent to lifting at once. The height of 300 cars to 130 floors. On October 28th, 3 days, the world’s largest tonnage crawler cranes produced by Sany Heavy Industry Successfully delivered in Zhejiang.

This is one of the most technologically advanced technologies, the highest technology, the most advanced technology, the highest technology, the highest technology, the highest technology, the most technologically integrated product.

Behind the big guards, it is the rapid development of Hunan Advanced Manufacturing Industry.

At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced 25 national-level advanced manufacturing clusters, Changsha Construction Machinery, Zhuzhou Rail Transit Equipment two major clusters.

In the first half of this year, Changsha Construction Machinery Industry Cluster was 100 million 松江同乐网首页 yuan, a year-on-year increase.

The company has developed to more than 400 companies, from January to July this year, increased by the cluster value.

In recent years, around the national importance of the country, Hunan is fully equipped with 22 manufacturing industrial chain (group), surrounding the industry chain to improve the value chain, deploying innovative chains, improving the chain, 上海新区桑拿会所 and various elements resources to the manufacturing area. Surge.

At present, there are 22 national single-champion enterprises and products in Hunan Province, and 2,32 "small giants" enterprises.

Strengthening technology research and development, the new industrial chain is in the Xiangjiang New District National Intelligent Net Cars (Changsha) Test Area, the automatic driving electric car is driven, and the reporter takes up, start, turns, brakes, and the L3 level intelligent driving is very smooth.

"The area of ??more than 1,000 acres of closed test parks, the enterprise test has been ranked at the end of this year." Xie Guofeng, chairman of Xiangjiang Intelligent Company.

The smart network car is a future industry in Changsha and even the Hunan advance planning layout. Changsha actively built a variety of application scenarios in accordance with the "Car Road Yun Network Integration" architecture, completed 100 square kilometers of intelligent network open roads, 100 kilometers smart highways, kilometers of smart bus demonstration line construction. Changsha accelerates the integration of intelligent networks and smart transportation, and transforms the first advantage into industrial advantages, attracting more than 20 industry leaders, more than 340 supporting enterprises to settled, and construct a smart network car industry ecological cluster. In the provision of advanced manufacturing highland journey, Hunan is consolidated to consolidate the traditional advantage industry. On the other hand, the construction of construction machinery, advanced rail transportation equipment, information technology application innovation, advanced ceramic materials, carbon-based materials, new energy and intelligent networks , 22 emerging advantageous industrial chain (groups) such as artificial intelligence and sensors, as the focus of promoting high quality development in manufacturing industry.

The reporter learned that around 22 industrial chain (group), Hunan integrates the province’s scientific and technological advantages, layout a number of key scientific and technological research projects, support the difficulties of cracking industry, and implemented "Top Ten Technology Research Projects" and major science and technology projects.

At present, a number of key technologies such as high-speed magnetic transportation system, iron construction heavy work main bearing and underground engineering equipment are achieved.

In addition, Hunan also implemented 128 product innovation, research and development of a number of core basic components such as engineering machinery, high-doped waste glass circular utilization, high-speed high-precision intelligent multi-line A batch of industrial base technologies such as cutting, "a cloud multi-core" cloud desktop and other industrial base software. Establishing "Enterprise Chain Lengthen", promoting cluster development in the production workshop of Zhonglian, Zhonglian, Changsha, Changsha, is a busy scene. The high-altitude operation machinery equipment produced by the company applies modern sensing technology, Internet of Things technology, and the "brain", which can be installed, and can realize intelligent fault alarm diagnosis and provide security warning. Zoomlion is the leading enterprise of Hunan Construction Machinery Industry Chain, there are more than 400 supporting enterprises in Hunan surrounded the Zoomlion.

In order to realize the benign interaction and breakthrough development of the industrial chain, Zoomlion jointly upstream and downstream enterprises do a good job in technical research.

Such industrial chain is coming from the "Enterprise Chain Length" system established by Hunan.

In recent years, in recent years, some industrial leaders in Hunan Province have not only accelerated their own innovation, but also drive industry chain related companies. On August 21st, in the construction of Beijing East Six Ring Reconstruction Project, the "Jinghua" shield machine, which has been developed by iron construction, has successfully traveled the first level of risk, the first battle.

Among them, the key core components of the "Jinghua" shield machine – the hard alloy shield cutter head, is the development of the iron construction heavy industry in the South University, and Hunan Bo Yun Oriental Powder Metallurgical Co., Ltd.. Three units surround the tools and rail milling cutters, the three units research and manufacture, and promote key materials and core components to achieve autonomous and domestication. Increase the strength of the bail, enhance the enterprise Qualified Changsha Manufacturing Enterprise Enterprise, has expanded fast in recent years, and there are many orders. At the beginning of this year, in the face of huge orders, corporate cash flows urgently.

After receiving the needs of corporate funds, Changsha Bank is less than 10 days to issue 10 million yuan of liquid loans. "Thanks to the government to include us in the ‘White List’, and the bank in the snow.

"General Manager Gong Jian said. The financing of manufacturing enterprises has long-term existence. In Hunan, through the establishment of" White List ", guide financial institutions to implement differentiated credit policies, and manufacturing companies have obtained loans more than 100 billion yuan.

In addition, Hunan also created the "one chain" main bank mechanism to help companies solve the integrated pain point, more than 70 billion yuan of financing demand has been falling. In the first three quarters of this year, Hunan manufacturing loans added a new year, which is more than 100 million yuan.

In order to further strengthen the support of manufacturing enterprises, Hunan also developed the provincial leadership contact industrial cluster (industrial chain) to promote the construction of important national advanced manufacturing highlands.

The main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee serve as the leader of the construction machinery industry, the main person in charge of the provincial government, served as the chain of advanced rail transit equipment industry. Under the second half of this year, in the first half of this year, Hunan Province manufacturing tax growth%, manufacturing profit growth%; computer, integrated circuit, lithium-ion battery, and optoelectronic device yield increased double, double,%, and% respectively. Hunan Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hunan, said that Hunan will build a national important advanced manufacturing highland in the industry chain (group). By 2025, the "1125" target of advanced manufacturing industry will be achieved, that is, 100 Innovation capacity in the park, developing 1,000 major technological innovation products, cultivating 20 billion industries, cultivating 5 trillion industries.

"People’s Daily" (November 18, 2021) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai) Sharing Let more people see client download.


Beijing-Tianjin Hiwen Tourism Association advances in depth

Jointly carry out brand propaganda promotion, launch cross-regional boutique lines, open Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourist class, optimize the supply of tourism products in the three-way … Actively promote tourism resources to build sharing, regional synergy continues to deepen, and the promotion is increasing, and the Beijing-Tianjin Hiwen Tourism Association has advanced in depth. Deepening the regional cooperation and promoting the Tourism Association, the same efficient development, recently, Sanhe Yan suburban art trainer street bustling, lively.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, Time Hui Zhi Ban, "Longqua" Jingtai Blue Production Experience and other activities, attracting a large number of tourists from Jingdong Jiubi County (city, district).

Here, in 2021, China Tourism Japan, Tianjing, Xinbao Travel Resources, and the "Jingdong Wen Tour Rod" established a series of activities officially launched. Sanhe City, Xianghe County, Xianghe County, Dafa Hui Autonomous County, Zunhua City, Xinglong County, Beijing Tongzhou District, Pinggu District, Tianjin City, Jiuyi District, Jiu County (city, district) Wenxian Department, head "The" "Jingdong Wen Tour" Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement ", effectively integrates the Jingdong Nine Literary Travel resources, realizing the full docking of the literature market, jointly building the Beijing-Tianjin Hiwen Tourism Association. According to the agreement, the Sanhe City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau is responsible for the establishment of the Jingdong Cultural Tourism Association, which is specific to the various local cultural sectors, and undertake the "Jingdong Wen Tour Rod" daily work. Establish a regular meeting business system, organize a collaborative development conference, and communicate with each other.

Planning and design "Jingdong Wen Tour Rod" unified texture IP, jointly build self-media literary publicity platform, effectively forming promotion and market influence. "In order to promote cooperation results, we are organizing research and development of ‘Jingdong Tour Rod" Tourism Counseling Tickets,’ Jingdong Tour Rod "member units have elected 27 famous scenic spots in the domain, visitors scan The QR code can be involved and enjoy a lower discount preferential policy.

Yang Jianwu, Director of the Sanhe City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau, said in the establishment ceremony.

Since this year, the interaction between Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has become increasingly frequent, cross-regional cooperation is increasingly advanced, and the integration of literary integration is in-depth.

Tour in the Grand Canal, happy in Tongquan.

On May 16, Tongwu’s Wenxiao Department jointly held "5 · 19" China Tourism Day Promotion Campaign in Liuyin Square, Daily Canal Forest Park, Tongzhou District. A number of well-known Wenbao companies jointly launched Huimin Measures and enhance the vitality of tourism markets.

The event also launched a targeted propaganda on the tourist route of Tongzhou to Langfang North County, promoting the Beijing City Deputy Center and the North Third County Wenxian Association Joints to deeper development. Sharing Winter Olympics, create a development in the future. Recently, Jingzhong Sports Culture Tourism has been established in Yanqing District, Beijing.

The alliance will formulate the joint meeting system of Beijing-Zhang Zhang Sports Culture Tourism Zone, regularly organize cultural, sports, tourism departments, strengthen coordination in development strategic planning, major project construction, important resource allocation, product development, marketing, etc., promoting Beijing Sports Cultural Tourism Tel Accelerates Construction.

Promote cooperation acceleration between three regions, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Culture and Tourism Collaborative Development In 2021, it will accelerate the promotion of Jingdong Leisure Tourism Demonstration Zone, Jingbei Ecology (Ice and Snow) Tourism Circle, Jingnan Ecological Tourism, Jingnan Leisure Shopping tourism area, the five major Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism pilot demonstration zone construction, comprehensively enhance the tourism infrastructure and public service levels, cultivate the tourism brand of the demonstration zone, and achieve cooperation projects to build sharing.

The tourist class is rich in tourists travel experience, sitting in the train to Beijing, Tianjin, and feel the Beijing Yunjin taste Yan Zhao Feng. Recently, hosted by the China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Corporation, "Sitting in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, China", hosted by China Railway Travel Group, started in Beijing.

China Tie Brief Group will focus on "Sitting in China", "Sitting in Beijing", "Sitting in Beijing", "Sitting in Beijing", "Sitting in Beijing", the annual plan, including 2 趟 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cultural Tourism Specialization 闵行洗浴推油 67 travel specials. According to the relevant person in charge of the China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Company, in order to meet the weekend of tourists, the railway department will be a carrier in Beijing, the railway department will enrich the tourism resources along the road, and the S1 city sub-center line is introduced. " Cross the underground diameter line, see Jingtong Ancient rhyme "culture tour; The line is based on "Changyou Huahai, Bead Curtain Ancient Town" Leisure Vacation Tour, and build "Sitting in Beijing" tourism brands.

Tourism and railways have natural associations, and visitors have significant overlap and passengers.

The opening of the tourism specialization can better meet the new needs of the people’s personalization, differentiated leisure vacation, 浦东桑拿会所全套 bringing new motivation for the innovation and development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and has added new ways to "weekends".

In recent years, Hebei Province has actively strengthened communication and cooperation with railways and companies in Beijing, Tianjin, and innovating tourism promotion methods.

While adding comfortable and comforting tourists, Hebei Province also makes full use of the class straightead, seat, publication, etc. to increase tourism image and tourism resources, and the tourist train is named, improve the visibility of Hebei, let Beijingjin The tourist class has become a new mobile promotion center in Hebei Province. In August last year, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Halls cooperated with China Railway Travel Agency Group Co., Ltd., opened 4 "Aiji Township, Hebei found the beauty" – "Enjoy Hebei" 青浦油压全套 tourist train, respectively by Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, 邯郸Departure, to Chengde, Zhangjiakou, and accelerate the recovery of regional tourism markets.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Wentai Hall said that the opening of the tourism class is designed to build a short-distance line product of the special train of the weekend tour through integration of the rich and heavy historical and cultural resources of Hebei, attracting more Beijing-Tianjin tourists into Hebei. Enjoy Hebei. Next, the Provincial Text Board will promote the periodicization of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism class, and strive to build it into brand products that become "weekends". To create a new home-state optimization of the product supplies, the eye-catching music elements will break into the eyes; every time, the ear will come to the melodious music. On May 15th, the 2021 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei sports and leisure experience season, hosted by the Sanshi Sports Department, held in Zhou Wi Music Town. Three places sports and tourism enthusiasts, sports tourism fields have more than 500 experts, participated in sports and leisure experience activities such as scientific walking and directional competitions. Two days of activities, participants not only enjoy the happiness brought by sports, but also visited Wu Qiang New Year’s Museum, Music Park, World Museum Museum, Participating in Ecological Park Picking Competition, and feel the unique charm of "Millennium Heaven" .

With sports and leisure as a carrier to create a "urban sports card" as the purpose, the participation experience is the main form, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei sports and leisure experience season aims to showcase sports and cultural, tourism, healthy and ecological agriculture and other business integration development Results, promote the cultivation and development of regional sports, tourism brands in Beijing and Hebei.

In order to further stimulate the vitality of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism market, relying on the cultural tourism resources of all parts of the local cultural tourism resources, innovative ideas, build a batch of health fashion, distinctive tourism new products, and open the new window that drives domestic demand, Visitors offer more travel options and a more fresh travel experience.

Transportation integration acceleration, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei one-hour life circle became a reality, the "poetry and distant" "Poetry and the distant" "Poetry and Yuanyuan" have become more and more popular choices for tourists. Recently, Mr. Xu, Beijing’s self-driving tour, and more than 100 self-driving riders from Beijing, Tianjin Head, gathered together, participated in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Great Wall self-driving tour – mobility activities. "This self-driving tour is connected in series, and the city park tour, the Great Wall Park tour two lines, let the riders feel the beauty of the safety domain, understand the beauty of the safe domain, understand the thick historical and cultural, taste of the Great Wall Another special food is really an unforgettable self-driving tour. "Mr. Xu said excitedly. With the text promotion, with brigade, with the integration of literature, the three orientation of non-legacy + tourism development is rapid. Introducing non-legal test tourism lines, organizing intangible cultural heritage exhibition, non-legacy immersion experience show … rich and colorful non-body test, let travel more connotation, let non-protocols are more energetic.

This year, three places will integrate Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei culture and tourism resources to meet leisure tourism needs such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei residents, and create a group of ecological environmental protection, fitness, leisure. The boutique A-level scenic spots, provincial and municipal resorts and all-domain tourism demonstration zones, further optimizing cultural and tourism products supply. (Reporter Jia Nan) (Editor: Formo, I wish the dragon super).


Germany has introduced a number of "limited molding" 青浦赵巷最近没人 to the plastic waste

Germany is a large country in plastic production and consumption. According to the German data website Statista, 2018, Germany produced approximately 19 million tons of plastic synthetic products, accounting for about one third of the total EU plastics products; Germans have averaged approximately 39 kilograms of plastic garbage every year, far super ultrasound EU The average of 33 kg. Most of these plastic garbage comes from shopping bags.

However, Germany is one of the best countries in the world’s garbage sorting, and its garbage circulation utilization is about 65%, and the packaging industry can reach more than 80%, which is in the world.

According to the German Federal Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety (BMU) statistics, Germany’s plastic packaging utilization 上海娱乐服务业平台 rate in Germany is as high as%, of which about 46% of plastic waste is circulated, about 53% of waste is incremented to generate energy.

In recent years, the relevant departments of Germany have introduced a number of environmental policies to reduce plastic waste. From 2015, German supermarkets no longer provide disposable plastic bags, which effectively reduces the use of disposable plastic bags. According to the statistics of the Department of Germany, since 2015, the consumption of the German plastic bags has dropped 64%. At the end of 2018, the German Office of the German Office made a "five-point plan", which aims to reduce the production of plastic products and strengthen the recovery of plastic waste.

The plan is specifically: It is forbidden to use disposable plastic packaging, advocate environmentally friendly packaging, strengthen the use of recyclable plastic products, and avoid sustainable use of marine garbage and advocacy plastic products in organic waste.

In response to the EU will be effectively produced in 2021, the German government decided to ban a number of plastic products for multiple categories in July 2020, including disposable plastic tableware (fork, knife, spoon and chopstick), plastic Drug, plastic rod cotton swab, plastic balloon stick and plastic cup, etc. People must replace these things with recyclable materials.

German Environmental Minister Schye Schylla said: "We want to change people to treated plastics through these measures.

Modern society has created too many plastics, and many plastic waste exports to developing countries, resulting in serious marine pollution. We now need not only to improve plastics recycling technology, but also advocate the lifestyle of plastics.

"German merchants also responded to reducing the call of plastic sales, Germany’s café has raised a" deposit environmental protection cup ". When consumers take coffee, use a cup with repeated use, but you need to pay an euro. Deposit, refund the cup to take the deposit.

In addition, Germany also has a lot of "Treasing Bao", such as Berlin’s Pentatonic Furniture Factory, produces various tables and chairs and cups with various plastic waste of people’s daily plastic bottles, disposable cups. In 2019, 30 companies, including BASF, German Chemical, have set up a "Plastic Waste Termination" in London, which plans to invest a total of 1.5 billion US dollars in 2024 to invent the technique of improving garbage cycle utilization. In addition to national policies, the German people also have a strong environmental awareness. According to Statista, in 2018, only% of the Germans will purchase plastic bags when purchasing food; 57% of German people will not purchase disposable plastic bags when shopping; 72% of the people support the imposing costs for plastic bags. One of the countries that have begun to implement garbage classification, German people have helped the daily garbage into four categories from 1991 to pre-score for garbage disposal, which greatly reduces pollution during garbage disposal and improves garbage use. Rate. (Editor: Cui Yue, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.


Adhere to sustainable development and build Asia-Pacific fate community

Dear friends, ladies, gentlemen, friends: I am very happy to meet you again. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spread globally, and the world economy has a difficult to-fold. The Asia-Pacific region has always been an important growth in the world economy, and is the first to show a recovery momentum in this crisis.

In this history, the Asia-Pacific region should be brave a time, play a leading role, and firmly move towards the construction of Asia-Pacific fate community. First, all resistance to the epidemic. Early out of the epidemic shadow, achieving economic stable recovery, is the most 上海品茶群怎么进 urgent task facing the Asia Pacific region.

The more difficult moments, the more you have to confirm, the more you want to calm down. For decades, the Asia-Pacific region has made progress in the crisis, and it will be brilliant in the victory challenge.

In the face of this century test of this business, the Asia-Pacific economies and the community should adhere to the people’s supreme, life first, promote the spirit of science, unite, watch help, and strive to win the thorough victory of the fight against the epidemic. We must support each other’s cultural efforts to strengthen cooperation in the fields of testing methods, therapeutic drugs, and vaccine development, production, and mutual recognition. It is necessary to put the vaccine as a consensus of global public goods, promote its fairness and reasonable allocation, ensuring the availability and 上海约妹子 aggressiveness of developing countries, and jointly bridge the "immune divide".

  Second, insist on open cooperation. Open is the only way to prosper and progress in human society. For more than 30 years, from the "Bogor" to "Burtraga Vision", coordinate from the macroeconomic policy to the construction of high-standard free trade zones, and the Asia-Pacific region maintains rapid growth for a long time. At the end of the root, it is benefited from the efforts of the opening economic style, benefiting from the Asia-Pacific partnership that constructs mutual trust, inclusive, cooperation, and win-win. Regardless of how the world is evolved, the Asia-Pacific economic toughness is good, and the strength of power is not changed. All parties should open their minds, grasp the great trend, and actively expand their openness, promote trade and investment liberalization, and maintain industrial chain supply chain is stable and smooth, promote the order of resource elements, promote economic recovery, and achieve linkage development. To stick to forward, go forward, against discrimination, exclusive practice.

With ideology scribe, engage in geopolitic small circles, it is no future.

The Asia-Pacific region should not return to the opposition and split state of the Cold War.

  Third, promote green transformation.

A good ecological environment is the most basic public goods and the most popular people’s livelihood. The Asia-Pacific region must use the green as the bottom color of the resuscitation, and strive to make scientific response to climate change.

It is necessary to adhere to the principle of joint but distinctive responsibility, implement the results of the "Paris Agreement" and "Biodiversity Convention" meeting. Developed economies should adhere to the awareness of the Community, provide funding and technical support for developing economies, helping them improve environmental governance, and walk together green, low-carbon, sustainable development.

  The green low carbon transformation is systematic engineering, and it is necessary to make overall, overall advancement.

There are still more than 100 million poor povertyers in the Asia-Pacific region, some economies are facing gaps, food security, energy security, etc. in infrastructure construction, education medical care, etc. Without development, you can’t gather the economic power of green transformation; ignore people’s livelihood, you will lose the social relying on green transformation.

We must accurately understand the concept of sustainable development, adhere to the people’s centers, coordinate economic growth, people’s livelihood guarantee, energy conservation and emission reduction, promote green transformation in economic development, and achieve greater development in green transformation. Fourth, actively promote innovation. Innovation is an important force to promote human social progress. I often say that a country, a region is not innovated, and innovation is slow. The Asia-Pacific region has unique intellectual resources and deep innovation and traditions, giving birth to many new technologies, new industries, and new mechanisms have always been the global innovation and development leading sheep.

At present, the new round of technology revolutions and industrial changes are in-depth development, information technology, biotechnology, and manufacturing technology, and provide guarantees for promoting economic growth, responding to major epidemic, climate change, natural disasters.

  We must accelerate scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivate new movements in economic development, so that innovation has become a strong support for coordinated economic development and green transformation.

Strengthening the Asia-Pacific member of scientific and technological innovation, building an open, fair, just, non-discrimination environment for technology development. The business community is in front of scientific and technological innovation, and we must strive to become the main force of research and development, achievements.

  Ladies, gentlemen, friends! For a long time, China’s economic development has always been accompanied by the Subcommittee of the Asia-Pacific regional cooperation. China has achieved a comprehensive establishment of a well-off society in an all-round way, historic solves absolute poverty, and has opened a new journey of comprehensive construction of socialist modernization. This will bring greater opportunities for the Asia-Pacific region.

  - China will unswervingly advance the reform and opening up, providing assistance for the economic development of Asia Pacific. China is committed to promoting the construction of high-standard market system, promoting new progress in important areas and key link reforms. China will create a high level, system-type external open pattern, and continuously optimize the business environment, and encourage the innovation and development of free trade test area.

China has ratified the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement", and apply for the "Comprehensive and Progressive Cross-Pacific Partnership Agreement", will continue to reduce foreign-in-payment in the process of compliance and negotiations, and promote all-round opening of agriculture and manufacturing. , Increase the opening up of the service industry, and give an inner and foreign enterprises equally according to law. "It is the end of the last, and the latter is careful.

"In recent days, China’s relevant departments are improving the implementation of anti-monopoly laws and strengthening supervision of domestic industry.

This is not only the needs of the healthy development of China’s market economy, and it is also a common practice in the world.

We will not shake and develop public ownership economies, do not shake, support, guide non-public economic development, equal treatment of various market mains, build unified open, competitive market systems, and constantly consolidate China’s long-term development roots, And provide better guarantees for China-Pacific and global business circles.

  - China will promote a comprehensive green transformation, contribute to the construction of Eco-civilization in Asia Pacific and global. I have lived in a small village in the Loess Plateau in China for many years. At that time, the ecological environment there was destroyed, and the lives of the people were also in poverty.

I realized that the damage to nature will eventually hurt people myself. China will actively promote the construction of ecological civilization, and adhere to the green hills is Jinshan Yinshan, deepen the comprehensive management of soil and soil, and make good pollution prevention and control. China will firmly implement national strategies for climate change. Last year I proposed carbon peak goals and carbon neutralization, China has developed the "2030-prodea-carbon peak action program" to accelerate the construction of "1 + N" policy system.

"1" is China to achieve carbon peak, carbon neutrics and guiding ideology and top design, "N" is a key area and industry implementation plan, including energy green transformation, carbon peak action in industrial field, transportation green low carbon action , Circulating economic carbon actions, etc. China will coarct low-carbon transformation and people’s livelihood needs, handle development with emission reduction relationship, and achieve carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization goals as scheduled.

  China’s emission reduction action is a deep economic and social change.

Although the task is extremely arduous, we will make the global green transformation contribute to the global green transformation.

China’s emission reduction action will also drive large investment, create huge market opportunities and cooperative spaces.

We welcome the active participation of the Asia-Pacific business community to create a green development in the future.

  - China will work to promote cooperation and win-win, add bricks to the Asia-Pacific economic development.

China has been actively integrated into the Asia-Pacific region and is always the promoter of Asia-Pacific open cooperation. China will adhere to true multilateralism and maintain the multilateral trade system with the core of the World Trade Organization, and actively participate in global economic governance and promote the construction of open world economy. China will firmly promote the high-quality construction of "all the way", promote the Asia-Pacific interconnection, maintenance of regional industrial chain supply chains, and deepen cooperation with all parties in areas such as e-commerce, digital logistics, and injecting Asia-Pacific economic recovery and sustainable development power.

  I proposed global development initiatives at this year’s UN General Assembly to focus on the development needs of developing countries and protect their development space, achieving more powerful, green, and healthy global development. China is willing to continue to play a responsible big country, promote cooperation between global poverty reduction, food security, development financing, and implement a UN sustainable development agenda to build a community of global development.

  Ladies, gentlemen, friends! For a long time, friends from the majority of business and business communities are all experienced people in China, participants, I hope everyone will continue to care and support China’s development, realize a win-win situation in cooperation, making Asia-Pacific big family unity and prosperity 上海干磨微信群 promoters, contributors. thank you all.

  (Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 11) (Editor: Guan Xiyan, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.


China Construction Bank launches 2021 wealth season activities

People’s Network Harbin on August 27th Recently, China Construction Bank officially launched 2021 wealthy seasonal marketing 阿拉爱上海 activities.

Under financial science and technology, China Construction Bank held the power of the whole bank, accelerating the transformation of digital management, to comprehensively transferring asset configuration concepts to build wealth ideals, through accurate supply of high-quality financial products, game, information, theme points Waiting in colorful forms, helping the people share social and economic development results. It is understood that in 2021 wealth season activities are CCB as headed as of the largest wealth management theme activity, and launched in the national scope. CCB has passed hundreds of selection of financial products through rich customer activities, which provides asset configuration for different customer types such as young guest groups, vocal groups, elderly guest groups, Pu Hui merchants, 上海喝茶服务qq county guest groups, private crop groups. Strategic recommendations, continuous innovation of service model enhance service qualifications. China Construction Bank’s innovative "Dragon Wealth Service Platform" in 2018, after many iterative upgrades have a wealth medical examination, intelligent, wealth information, asset-liability panorama, etc., provide customers with rich wealth management Experience.

During the wealth season, CCB launched the "Construction of the Dragon Fortune" brand, with the "Unexpected Wealth Ideal" as the brand slogan, and fully upgrade the "Jianlong Dragon Fortune" to the wealth management unified brand. In addition, China CCB 2021 wealthy season also created car life, cross-border service, peace of mind, community business circle, etc. Service requirements 阿拉爱上海sh419 provide convenient quality guarantee. During the event, China CCB passes through the creation of virtual "wealth small towns" event primary platform, innovation launches gaming method, guides customers to learn financial knowledge, develop the idea and habits of wealth management, and accumulate "wealth value" to achieve personal continuous improvement.

At the same time, it is also available in the game.

In addition to the game home, CCB wealth season activities also passed live, video, graphic, etc., launched a massive wealth information including Dragon Fortune Morning Post, agency, Investment School, etc., to deliver wealth management philosophy and value. At the same time, China CCB will also go online through mobile game activities, outlets, etc., so that consumers participate in learning financial knowledge; through questionnaires to carry out a wide range of research, and timely discover all the service issues of the people; launch a series of micro-movies, immersive , The consumption problem in the case of reproducing life scenes, let the people "can understand, learn, and use it".

(Li Xi Shuang, Qin Bi Yan) (Editor: Zhang Qi, Li Zhongshou) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Changchun business environment accelerated advanced into the national first-party array

上海品茶工作室 Next, Changchun City Business Environment Construction will adhere to the problem-oriented, strengthen the rectification of national assessment, strengthen work dispatching, contradiction and crack and reform and innovation, with the continuous breakthrough of bottlenecks, and promote the overall level of the city’s business environment; insist onHigh-level, focus "1210" work initiatives, aim at the domestic first-class city, the highest level, increase the force, make long-standing, seek 上海嘉定品茶论坛sn advanced indicators greater breakthrough, strive for backward indicators "corner overtaking"; adhere to reform and innovation, lockThe "National First Party" goal, surrounding "Efficiency, drop cost, excellent service", introduced more, more, better policy measures, sincerely understand the problem, do practical things; adhere to the implementation, establishImprove Changchun City Business Environmental Assessment Evaluation System, comprehensive use of "five-way working law", reverse construction period, compaction responsibility, strengthen supervision, and fully grasp the decision-making deployment of the province and municipal business environmental construction conference.(Changchun political incident).


From the Red Ghost to General Secretary Hu Yaobang

  This book describes Hu Yaibang to Liuyang River, from the small involved revolution, participate in the Long March, the Anti-Japanese War, Liberation War, New China Establishment After the Chuanshao Taiwage Department, in charge of the Communist Youth League, Xiangtan Handout, Shaanxi 20 hundred days, the "Cultural Revolution"Difficult, rectify the Chinese Academy of Sciences, let the anti-anti-invasion area, the opposite Zhao Xue worse wrong case, the supervisor’s theory work, serve as the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, more than 70 years of hardships, the legend, selfless dedication,上海耍耍网 and the bright life.In this book, you will see the most authentic Hu Yaobang, and see that in the real history Changhe, "I always support anyone to exercise your own democratic rights under the socialist system. I hope everyone has the largest under the protection of the 上海喝茶的地方老司机Constitution.freedom of.


Democratic thoughts and democratic style is one of his most precious spiritual wealth in the future.