[Health China Chongqing Operation] Chongqing solidly promotes the construction of "Beautiful Hospital"

[Health China Chongqing Operation] Chongqing solidly promotes the construction of "Beautiful Hospital"

  Since June 2018, the Chongqing Municipal Committee of Health and Health has launched the construction of "Beautiful Hospital" and proposed to carry out the construction of "environment beauty, service beauty, and humanistic beauty" in various medical institutions at all levels in the city. 66 units.

  According to reports, during the construction of beautiful hospitals, Chongqing preferentially promoted the infrastructure of "environmental beauty" and actively promoted ten areas such as parking, convenient facilities, toilet revolution, and medical wastewater waste in hospitals. Remediation, simultaneous improvement of the ability to prevent and control the ability to prevent and control infectious diseases such as popular kidney clinics.

  Since 2018, the city’s new public medical institutions’ business houses are 2.78 million square meters. In the hospital), two hospitals in the second hospital of Heavy Medicine and the Banan District People’s Hospital won the "Luban Award" in the architectural industry. , Chenjiaqiao Hospital of Shapingba District was awarded the "National Public Institution Water Effect Leaders".

  In terms of improving the connotation of "service beauty", medical institutions at all levels have carefully implemented a new round of improvement of medical services, improved 5 systems including appointment and treatment, inspection and inspection results, and five types of disciplines and disciplines. The diagnosis and treatment model is promoted to improve the application of convenient and intelligent application, improve the efficiency of medical services, and support the construction of smart hospitals that support hospital management, and implement 12 public service measures.

According to statistics, since 2018, the city has accumulated 5 new three hospitals and a total of 39 new three hospitals. All districts and counties in the city have achieved full coverage of the second -level hospitals, and 65 "smart hospitals" have been established.

  At the same time, the spiritual construction of "humanistic beauty" is constantly strengthening.

By caring for medical staff, patients and family members, strengthen the protection of facilities, set up mother and infant rooms, barrier -free channels, one -stop service centers, family members waiting areas to enhance humanistic care; improve the brand culture of hospitals, tap the history of hospitals, culture, culture Features, improve the signboards of the hospital, refine the hospital training, vision, and mission of hospitals, carry out large -scale free consultation, volunteer service activities, and build a cultural corridor or hospital history museum; , Continue to select "Chongqing Good Doctor, Chongqing Good Nurses". (Song Jinfeng).